Haunted Hospitals - Norwich State Hospital

Norwich State Hospital is considered to be one of the most active sites in the United States today when it comes to the subject of haunted hospitals.

Originally commissioned in 1904 as an asylum for the insane, Norwich State Hospital started out with a mere handful of mental patients; but by the mid 1950s, it had expanded quite dramatically, and housed over 3,000 adjudged insane inmates, plus 1,000 members of staff. In truth, the grounds of the hospital, and the buildings contained therein, were more akin to a small town, having their own generator for electricity, a pump house, a working farm, and even their own theater and church.

Haunted hospitals have long been a fascinating phenomenon of the paranormal world, and this State Hospital in particular is perfect example. Since its closure in 1996, stories and reports of supernatural happenings abound. It is one of the main reasons why it has become synonymous with term "creepy Connecticut".

The very nature of hospitals makes them prime candidates for hauntings to occur. Hauntings are sometimes described as being the results of traumatic events, or unhappy, distressed lives that have often ended sadly, leaving the departed spirit in torment and unrest. To other people, (those who do not believe in a life after death), a haunting is like an imprint left in a room or an area, recoding some traumatic or dramatic happening. Whatever you happen to believe, haunted hospitals such as Norwich State Hospital, provide the perfect backdrop for such circumstances.

Since its closure, the grounds of Norwich State Hospital have been patrolled by security guards to keep out unwanted visitors. The guards themselves have reported many scary, inexplicable events. Beeping sounds have been heard in the rooms where lobotomies were performed. The sounds of unsupported voices, talking, mumbling and screaming have been heard, when of course there is no one there. In one particular room, the sounds of a woman sobbing have been heard. Even on the warmest summer evenings, a deep cold pervades some of the rooms, some of the time. Because stories of these paranormal activities became so infamous and wide spread, a local students' faculty began holding their initiation ceremonies within the grounds, leading to even more scary stories of supernatural activities.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, and things that go bump in the night; if ever you go to one of the haunted hospitals in the United States, (and Norwich State Hospital in particular), you will agree with one thing. On a dark night, with no one else around, it is a really scary and spooky place to be. Many people who have been brave enough to try it out for themselves, (even the hardest skeptics), have reported that they think they can hear voices; not spoken aloud and picked up through their aural nerves, but rather in their minds, like some sort of ESP (extra sensory power).

It's exactly this sort of mental angle that can be even more scary, because it plays on the mind; and the more your mind dwells on it, the scarier it can become. If you want to find out more, why not pick up the challenge and visit one of America's haunted hospitals yourself? If you do, make it Norwich State Hospital and then you can join your voice to the many others who have been there, and heard, and felt things that are not easy to explain.

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