The Alphabet Killer

The Alphabet Killer is considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries as far as crime is concerned in the United States.

The individual that committed what is referred to as the "Alphabet Murders" have perplexed law enforcement officials in the area of Rochester, New York since the year of 1971. Three very young females were taken by the killer, violently raped, and then murdered immediately thereafter. What makes this case particularly interesting when it comes to the investigation is that all the three children had names in which their first name and their last name had the exact same initial.

The Alphabet KillerThe alphabet murders started with a ten year old girl by the name of Carmen Colon. On November 16th in the year of 1971, the girl was discovered to be missing. Despite their best efforts, law enforcement personnel in Rochester were unable to locate the child. Unfortunately, just two short days later, she was discovered in the town of Churchville. One police officer found it particularly interesting that the initials of her first and last name matched the initial of the city that she was discovered in. At this point in the investigation, though, this fact was dismissed.

In the year of 1972, a ten year old girl named Wanda Walkowicz was discovered missing. Her family reported her as a missing child on the 2nd day of April in the year of 1972. It was at this time that officers established the fact that the first and last name started with the same letter - much like the case of little Carmen Colon. They acted as fast as they could to figure out where the body would be found. Based on the information of the previous case, they determined that the alphabet killer would likely place the body in the city of Webster. Unfortunately, they were right. Just one day later, the young child was found murdered. Evidence presented in the case indicated that she was also raped by the predator.

By this time, investigators became concerned that they had a serial killer on their hands. The promptly identified the predator as the "Alphabet Killer" and the murders as the "Alphabet Murders". Things remained quiet for a while, and then on the 26th day of November in the year of 1973, another child who was also ten years old was reported missing. Quickly, they scrambled to locate clues and made every effort to locate the alphabet killer. They knew that they only had a short time before another innocent child would be murdered. The child’s name was Michelle Maenza, so they knew that this was part of the alphabet murders. Within forty eight hours, the girl was found in the city of Macedon.

There were many common denominators in each of the alphabet murders. They were:

· Each girl’s first and last name started with the same letter.

· Each child was ten years old.

· Each child was discovered in a city that started with the same letter as their name.

· Each child was from a Catholic family.

· Each child lived in a poverty stricken home.

· Each child suffered from either disciplinary and/or academic challenges at school.

Due to the fact that each of the victims of the alphabet murders had these things in common, it was believed that the killer likely worked with a social service group. Many even thought that they could have known the families, or that they worked at the school where the children attended. While several suspects were interviewed, such as the popular "Hillside Strangler" named Kenneth Bianchi, the case remains “cold”. The alphabet killer may still reside among us. The identity of the alphabet killer is considered to be one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the United States.

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