Black Dahlia Unsolved Murder

The Black Dahlia is considered to be one of the most popular unsolved murder mysteries of all time.

The individual that is referenced using this nickname is an American lady by the name of Elizabeth Short. She was born on the 29th day of July in the year of 1924. She died on the 15th day of January in the year of 1947. Her untimely death came as a result of murder - which was publicized widely within the United States. When her body was discovered in Los Angeles at the Leimert Park, it had been mutilated and severed to extensive degree. In this guide you will learn about the Black Dahlia.

Elizabeth Short had a very interesting life. Her parents were Phoebe and Cleo. As a child, she was often called "Betty", but as time progressed, she desired to be called "Beth". In the year of 1929, her father came up missing. His vehicle was located near where a bridge was located. Many individuals determined that he had committed suicide. Eventually, Elizabeth’s mother received a letter from her father. He begged for her forgiveness, but her mother never allowed him to return to their home. As a result, Elizabeth was placed in a position in which she had to mature quickly.

By the time Elizabeth turned nineteen, she was living with her dad in an area of California known as "Vallejo". It seemed that she had some bad habits that her father did not approve of, such as not being as responsible as she should have been and staying out past the curfew that was put in place for her. As a result, an argument evolved and the Black Dahlia moved out of her father's home. She was arrested shortly after this event due to the fact that she was drinking while a minor. She returned to Medford, where she originated from. However, she had a passion from becoming involved in acting, so she went to California to the city of Hollywood.

She eventually stayed at the Biltmore Hotel. A man met Elizabeth and they departed. This would actually be the last time that Elizabeth Short would be seen in person. Elizabeth’s body was found a short time after this. However, due to the lack of evidence in the case and the limited amount of information that investigators had on her life as a whole, this case remains to be one of the greatest unsolved murder mysteries of all time. Who killed the Black Dahlia? We may never know, but it does not hurt to research the case and to reach the most reasonable explanations. Once her death occurred, she was given the name "Black Dahlia" based on the story called the "Blue Dahlia". They dubbed her the "Black" version due to the fact that she always wore the color black in real life.

The Black Dahlia AKA Elizabeth Short


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