The Ancient Black Hope Curse

The ancient Black Hope Curse is said to plague the land that is located just outside the city of Houston in the State of Texas.

As you explore the land that is said to hold the Black Hope Curse, you will observe luxurious homes that possess carefully crafted lawns. In order to explain the curse, I will outline the experience of a couple that purchased a home in the area in the early 1980s. The man’s name was Sam Haney. He and his wife, Judith, discovered the home and realized that it was the home that they had been searching diligently for. Once the couple settled into their home, a man with an air of mystery and intrigue arrived at their door.

Being new to the neighborhood, the couple welcomed the visit of the man. Little did they realize that this individual would change their lives forever. They had recently started work on a swimming pool in the backyard section of their property. The man immediately informed them that the backyard possessed a secret that they needed to be aware of. The man then started walking to the backyard so Sam followed him. Once they came to a certain spot, the man pointed at the area and informed Sam that there were human remains buried in that area of the land.

Despite the fact that the man’s visit was mysterious and his revelations seemed a bit absurd, Sam found the revelations to be unsettling. In order to put his own mind at ease, he decided to investigate the area of land that the man pointed out just to see if his accusations were true. Not too long after Sam began digging through the land, he actually hit something. This drew his interest enough that he started digging the rest of the way with his hands. Not too long after that, he ran into boards that were made of pine. Eventually, he got to the point where he could open up the container. That is when he saw the remains of a human. The local authorities were notified immediately.

A full investigation started on the land. There was more than one casket with skeletal remains. The second that they investigated apparently belonged to a woman as two wedding rings were discovered on the human remains. The Haneys thought that it would be best to determine who was buried on their land. This is when they contacted a man who was known to have buried several people in the past, Jasper Norton. This individual informed the couple that there home and several others were constructed on top of a cemetery that was called "Black Hope" which was designated for African Americans – particularly those that had been slaves in life.

It is believed that approximately sixty or more African Americans were laid to rest in the Black Hope Cemetery. The last burial was believed to have occurred somewhere around the year of 1939. The individuals that were located on Sam and Judith’s property were believed to be Charlie Thomas and his wife who was named Betty. It is believed that they were buried in the 1930s. When the Haneys learned of this, they decided that it may be best to hold a proper burial for the couple and allow them to remain on the property. Little did they know that this would mark the beginning of the Black Hope Curse.

The Haneys, along with several of their neighbors, began to experience many unusual events. They would hear doors open and close, items would come up missing, talking and whispers could be heard, and it seemed that houseplants would never grow appropriately. All of the neighbors felt a high level of uneasiness. Electronics would turn on and off, as well as water faucets. Eventually, the individuals living on the grounds would start to feel extremely sick. One even died of a heart attack. Several people reported observing ghostly apparitions and reported feeling terrified. Today, new people live in the neighborhood as all of the old people were scared away from the Black Hope Curse. Ironically, no reports have been made since. Today, this is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

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