Demon Spirits

"Some call him a ghost; some say that he is a demon. Some call him a mere mortal. "
Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Demon spirits are spiritual beings that are supernatural in basis. These beings are typically identified in various religions, stories of mythology, folklore and even in occultism. These beings are nearly always identified as evil or malevolent. Many individuals believe that a demon is nothing more than a spirit that is unclean. This spirit may have the capability of possession. When an individual experiences demonic possession, it is believed that the demon that is involved is controlling them. Many religious sects, including those that directly involve occultism and paganism hold the belief that this type of entity may be summoned or conjured. Once the demon spirits arrives, these sects believe that they may be controlled.

In the Christian religion, individuals believe that demons are the spirits of angels that have fallen. It is believed, as angels, they elected to follow the rebellion that was initiated by Satan. This particular rebellion was against God himself. In the Bible, we see approximately ten unique references to these spirits within the Old Testament. In the New Testament, the spirits are mentioned in every book – apart from Hebrews. Throughout the Bible, Jesus Christ taught many people in his travels that demon spirits were very real in the world. There were many instances in which Jesus actually performed the act of casting evil demons out of those that were a victim to demonic possession.

Demons are mostly identified as true emissaries of Satan. Demon SpiritsIt is believed that their role is to assist in ensuring the schemes that Satan has against God in the Christian religion are carried out. Demons are believed to be exceptionally gifted when it comes to false religious doctrines and beliefs as well as encouraging individuals to fall into the trap of idolatry. When it comes to the basic classification associated with demons, it is believed that there are three different types. The first are those that are said to be bonded to a place called Tartarus. The second are those that are believed to roam the world today ensuring that people do not mature in their spiritual walk with God. The third are considered to be confined within the abyss.

In this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will be introduced to various demon and the strange mysteries that surround them. For those that are interested in the delicate balance between good and evil, and those that are interested in uncovering the great mysteries of the world, this section may prove to be quite intriguing. While there is no official validity that these subversive spirits exist in our world or the spiritual world just out of our physical reach, it is a fact that many individuals feel that they have been affected by a demon spirit in one way or another. Now, you can learn about the dark side of the spiritual world that we are surrounded by.

Demonic Possession
There are a wide range of beliefs surrounding possession that seems to be related to demonic spirits.

Evil Curses – Demonic Oppression
Demonic oppression caused by real demons is considered to be the worst of all evil curses.

Demonic Hauntings-The Anneliese Michel Story
The story of Anneliese is considered one of the most well documented recorded events of a demonic haunting.

Learn the Signs of a Demon Haunting
Throughout this paranormal guide, you will be introduced to the various signs of a demonic haunting.

Demon Powers
In order to understand the spiritual realm in completion, it is vital to understand demon powers.

Demonic Haunting Associated with an Ouija Board
Can an Ouija Board truly result in a demonic haunting or a demonic possession?

The DeFeo Murders
Were the Amityville murders a result of demonic hauntings?

Hell Hounds
Many claim that these particular dogs are actually demons.

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Demon Powers

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