Real Demonic Haunting Associated with an Ouija Board

Many people do not realize that there has been more than one case of a real demonic haunting associated with an Ouija Board.

Most individuals are familiar with the movie that is called "The Exorcist". The movie was actually inspired by true to life events that transpired in history. The details of this real demonic haunting was documented in a book composed by Thomas B. Allen called "Possessed". In the year 2000, a man by the name of Fr. William Saunders discussed the events of the real event that took place in an article that appeared in the publication called the "Catholic Herald". This noted individual wanted to express the dangers that are associated with the Ouija Board. Here, you will learn about the true events that transpired.

Original ouija boardIn the month of January in the year of 1949, a boy the age of 13 lived with his parents as well as his grandmother in the State of Maryland. The town was called "Mt. Rainier". This young boy’s name was Robbie. He had an aunt that enjoyed visiting them frequently from the Saint Louis area. He really enjoyed her visits and found her to be quite interesting. In life, she practiced as a Medium and would often use the Ouija Board in order to communicate with the spirits that she felt led her through life. Before long, she taught the young boy how to use the Ouija Board and how to tap in to his own personal abilities. He grew very fond of his aunt and became quite close to her.

By the 10th day of January that same year, the family began to experience many unusual events. At that point, no one realized that a real demonic haunting could occur as a result of using the Ouija Board. The family often heard scratching noises and they started to notice items in the home moving by themselves. Tables, chairs, and other objects suddenly moved with no assistance. A picture of Jesus would shake violently for no reason. Little Robbie started to suffer from extremely frightening nightmares and had a difficult time sleeping.

On the 26th day of January, Robbie’s aunt passed away. It was a very unexpected death. However, he had hope that the Ouija Board would allow him to contact her. He continued to use the device. The more that the communication device was used, Robbie’s personality changed drastically. He was observed as being angry and aggressive. It was not unusual for him to appear to be extremely unsettled. The following month, the family decided to take Robbie to visit with their minister. He suspected a poltergeist initially, but once he observed the strange phenomenon occurring in the home, he realized that evil was running wild in the home.

Eventually, the boy would be taken to a Catholic Priest who performed an Exorcism on him. It was suspected that the Ouija Board resulted in a demonic haunting. Eventually, the demonic haunting developed into a demonic possession. Initially, the exorcism worked. Everything appeared to go back to normal. It was not too long, though, before the same types of situations started to occur. However, on April 18th, a truly effective and successful exorcism was performed on Robbie. The family eliminated the Ouija Board from the home and never experienced any complications thereafter. Can an Ouija Board truly result in a demonic haunting or a demonic possession? The evidence seems to say "yes", but it still one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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