Demonic Hauntings

The Anneliese Michel Story

Demonic Hauntings have recently gained in popularity due to the release of movies such as "Paranormal Activity", "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", "Constantine" and television shows such as "A Haunting", "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Stories" and "Supernatural".

Throughout these movies, television shows, and other types of media, such as documentaries, it appears that those involved in paranormal research have established evidence that demonic possession and different types of paranormal residual energy hauntings that are directly related to demonic hauntings have happened, do happen, and continue to happen among the general population.

Throughout history, those that practice religion professionally and paranormal researchers have been introduced to real demonic hauntings that have provided us with information on what happens when this takes place. We were introduced to the real story of a demonic haunting when the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" was released in the year of 2005. While many parts of the movie were enhanced to add to the storyline, the real story occurred to a girl by the name of Anneliese Michel who was born in the year of 1952 on September 21st in Germany. She died on the 1st day of July in the year of 1976. Her cause of death was considered to be dehydration and complete malnourishment. She was only twenty four years old.

Demonic HauntingsIt is believed that Anneliese Michel suffered from a very personal demonic event. In the year of 1968, she started to experience unexplained convulsions. The following year, she was diagnosed with a condition called "Grand Mal Epilepsy". She was quite a religious young woman, but soon after her diagnosis she would pray and experience hallucinations that were quite ominous. Soon thereafter, she heard voices that were very negative often informing her she would face damnation for her sins. By 1973, she had become so depressed that she considered taking her own life. In the year of 1975 her family believed that she was suffering with a possession by a demon and elected to have a priest come in for a religious exorcism.

The family did not reach the conclusion that the young woman was experiencing a demonic possession on their own. One time, Anneliese attended a religious pilgrimage with a woman who was part of the church that the family attended. During the event, she recognized many unusual characteristics in the young woman. First, she would not walk in close proximity to an image displayed of Jesus. There was a Holy spring of water and the girl did not want to drink from it. The family requested an exorcism but they got told "No" on two different occasions. Eventually, the Bishop of the time gave in and permitted it to be performed.

There are several demons that were said possessed Anneliese. Her demonic based haunting got so bad that she eventually came to believe that those around her were evil entities. She named the following as part of her possession:

· Lucifer

· Hitler

· Judas Iscariot

· Fleischmann

· Nero

· Cain

· And, several others

While the people in Anneliese’s life tried diligently to assist her in overcoming her demonic haunting, they were unsuccessful. These people included a Father named Arnold Renz, a Pastor named Ernst Alt, as well as her parents who were named Anna and Josef. In the end, all four of these individuals were found guilty of a charge called "Negligent Homicide" and ordered to do time in the local prison for six months and ordered to probation that lasted for three years. Despite the fact that local government officials often observed her bizarre and uncontrollable behavior such as screaming for hours at a time, tearing her clothes from her body, licking her own urine, and consuming arachnids and insects they were still convinced that the four individuals were guilty of her death.

It is believed that most demonic hauntings are often labeled as a case of mental illness such as schizophrenia. Unfortunately, many feel that there are a number of individuals that are, in fact, possessed but are not given the right to blessing and exorcism due to the fact that it is believed that they suffer from a mental illness. While the story of Anneliese is just one of the many demonic haunting cases and considered one of the most well documented recorded events of demonic hauntings, many still consider demonic possession to be one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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