Demonic Possession

Demonic possession has been a topic that has been evaluated all throughout history.

Individuals that are subjected to this form of possession experience a form of control that is believed to be caused by a demonic force or entity. The person that experiences this type of situation has absolutely no control over that which they experience, or the actions that they perform. It is believed that a demon will actually stay within a person or at a distance close enough that they are able to control them continuously until the time comes in which an external force puts the demonic spirit in a position that they must leave the individual. This is typically made possible through the means of an official exorcism.

Common Beliefs Surrounding Demonic Possession

ExorcismThere are a wide range of beliefs surrounding possession that seems to be related to demonic spirits. The people that are identified as "Roma" hold the belief that a demonic entity may possess humans, animals, and plants. It is also believed that they may possess the body of a person who is deceased as well as objects that are considered to be completely inanimate. The people who are referred to as the "Sumerians" held the belief that any person and/or animal that displayed sickness whether mental or physical were being affected by demons. These demons were actually called "Gidim". When reviewing the ancient tablets displaying cuneiform writing, we find that the ancients even held a belief that demons existed and many writings expressed an interest in protection from the ominous creatures.

Signs of a Potential Demonic Possession

There are many signs that an individual may experience that could indicate that they are suffering from possession from a demonic entity. The following represents a summary of some of these signs, but keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list:

· Many individuals may experience distinct changes in their personalities. For example, if a person who is typically very social becomes antisocial and isolates themselves it could indicate the manifestation of a demonic presence.

· Many that experience demonic possession may become very quiet and withdrawn, or even aggressive. Negative behaviors are typically associated with those experiencing problems with evil forces.

· If you notice that someone you know begins to despise any type of religious service, religious decorations, or other type of religious item, they could have a problem.

· Many experience trouble sleeping and may experience nightmares, violent episodes, sleepwalking, and other symptoms that are similar in nature.

· There are many that may have difficulty concentrating and possibly even experience problems in remembering things.

· Many that experience possession have been known to talk and write in foreign and/or unknown languages, suddenly develop skills such as being able to draw in extreme details, and may even seem to know things that may be unusual for them to know.

· Changes in the appearance such as weight loss, the face becoming drawn, changes in eye color, and even posture could indicate a potential issue.

· Many individuals may start to display amazing feats of strength, and may even seem to possess a power to foretell the future.

Demonic possession is considered to be one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Religious figures, doctors, scientists, and others have attempted to uncover why some individuals seem to be more prone to it than others, the types of demons that appear to affect people, and what can be done in order to calm the evil entities. However, to date, only a few theories have been developed and several experiments tested - such as exorcism. This is an unsolved mystery that is sure to plague the minds of people for many, many years to come.

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