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Eastern State Penitentiary

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Eastern State Penitentiary has many paranormal mysteries.
Paranormal investigators and those simply interested in ghostly phenomenon have studied this haunted prison quite extensively throughout history. Constructed in the year of 1829, this structure was designed in an eerie, gothic fashion. It had enough space for two hundred and fifty inmates, but at one point in history, it was said that nearly eight times that amount was held. As a result, many inmates fell ill due to unsanitary conditions, others suffered due to severe and cruel punishments, and many experienced high levels of anxiety, depression, and anger. As a result of the emotionally charged conditions when it was used to house criminals, the penitentiary is now said to withhold many paranormal mysteries that frighten even the strongest.

One of the haunted mysteries that surround Eastern State Penitentiary surrounds the inmate known as "Al Capone". In the year of 1929, this individual was arrested and placed in the prison due to the fact that he was caught in possession of weapons that were considered to be illegal. During the time that is known as the vicious "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" it is said that Capone murdered a man whose name was "James Clark". It is said that while he was at the penitentiary that the spirit of Clark tormented him relentless. Many individuals believe that many souls in which Capone had a direct connection to remain in the haunted prison searching for the notorious criminal and expressing their anger from beyond the grave.

Many paranormal investigators have witnessed a shadowy spirit in the guard tower at Eastern State Penitentiary. It is believed that the guard lost his life while providing professional services at the haunted prison. In all actuality, there are many different stories that surround the identity of the individual. There are many shadow people or shadow spirits that are said to be within the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary. For example, in the area of the cellblock identified as "6", many are often seen. The same holds true for the cellblock identified at "4" and the dungeon like areas within the prison. If you are interested in studying ghosts or shadow people, the mysterious shadows within this haunted prison are sure to fascinate you.

Individuals that have walked through the penitentiary have stated that they feel as if the air is very "heavy". Individuals that tour the facility never feel as if they are alone. If you are interested in ghosts, or exploring presumed haunted places, then you will likely experience an interesting session at this haunted prison. Perhaps, while you are there, you may figure out the answers to the questions surrounding the paranormal mysteries that so many before you have tried to figure out.

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