The Worst of all Evil Curses

Demonic Oppression

"Once you've looked into the darkness I think you carry it with you for the rest of your life. "
~The Exorcism of Emily Rose

There are several stories related to evil curses. While a lot of the information regarding curses today relates to urban myths and other stories, the stories surrounding demonic oppression caused by real demons are considered to be highly accurate and extremely real to those that have been subjected to them in one way or another. As a matter of fact, most agree that the worst of all evil curses is demonic oppression caused by real demons that invade the lives of those that fall victim to their malicious ways. While it is common to find information pertaining to demonic hauntings and the signs of a demon haunting, it is not that common to find information pertaining to oppression that may stem from the harassment of one or more demon entities. This is quite surprising because of the fact that more individuals experience this type of oppression than a typical demon haunting. In this guide on demonic capabilities, you will learn about demonic oppression that is a direct result of real demons at work in an individual’s life.

What is a Curse?

In order to effectively understand the fact that demonic oppression is considered to be the worst of all evil curses, it is first important to gain an effective understanding of what a curse is. A curse is defined as a wish that is expressed in one way or another that an individual will experience some degree of adversity. Many curses are a result of an expression in one way or another that an individual experiences varying degrees of misfortune. In some instances, a curse is used to define the fact that some type of entity wants an individual to be injured or harmed in one way or another. The injury and/or harm could be either physiological or psychological in nature. While there are many individuals that engage in rituals in order to perform the curse such as those that practice in the occult, it is believed that evil spirits such as demons are actually responsible for carrying out the desires, wishes, and intents surrounding that curse. However, not all curses are imposed by a physical entity as a human being. Many curses are simply placed upon an individual by an evil based spiritual entity because it is their pure nature to want to inflict some type of harm to the living.

What is Demonic Oppression?

Now that you have an understanding of what a curse is, it is important to gain an understanding of what demonic oppression is. This type of oppression is believed to be related to the evil work of real demons. It is a work that encourages individuals to deny God and all things related to God, commit Evil Curses – Demonic Oppressionsins, and become bonded to those things that are typically identified as being “sinful”. It is also a state that results in the victim feeling as if they are spiritually dead in one way or another. Oppression as a result of real demons may be experienced in numerous ways. These ways include physiological ailments, spiritually, emotionally, and even financially. The purpose and intent of demons is to win over as many souls as possible so that God has fewer individuals on his side. Each soul that is won over is not only another that assists in the rebellion that is believed to be occurring against God, but it is also another soul that will join the demonic forces in hell for eternal condemnation. While it is true that everyone does not hold Christian beliefs, it is a well-accepted fact among all that demons are considered to be evil spirits.

Potential Causes of Oppression from Real Demons

There are many potential reasons why a person may be subjected to oppression from real demons. In some instances, it appears that demons will randomly pick individuals to harass. However, in most instances, it seems as if the choices that individuals make subject them to the demonic forces that may cause oppression. In studies conducted on individuals that have been believed to be suffering from a demonic type of oppression, it has been found that several engage in activities or allow themselves to be subjected to activities where evil lurks. Examples of these activities include pornography, drug use, the use of alcohol, engaging in occult activities and rituals, becoming subjected to demonic possession, and experiencing strong emotions such as jealousy and anger. There are many potential causes apart from these. In simplest terms, individuals that experience or surround themselves with a high level of negativity are more likely to become victims of demonic oppression.

Signs of Demon Oppression

Now that you understand why demon oppression is considered to be the worst of all evil curses associated with real demons, it is important to learn the signs associated with this form of oppression. While there are many unique signs, the following are considered to be the most commonly experienced:

• Many individuals may find that they experience an abnormally high amount of anxiety that is considered to be highly irrational.

• When real demons are at work, it is common for the victim to experience an abnormally high amount of fear that is considered to be extremely irrational.

• Despite the fact that the sufferer may be surrounded by individuals that love and care for them, they may experience extreme bouts of loneliness.

• As with all evil curses, many that are being harassed by real demons may feel as if they lack self-control and may also exhibit behaviors that seem to indicate that they do not have any type of self-control.

• It is common for many to find themselves in a constant state of conflict – with both themselves as well as others.

• Many individuals that are oppressed because of the evil curses of real demons will simply seem to float through life feeling as if there is no meaning, purpose or reason for their existence, the existence of others, and the existence of situations and events that transpire.

• Many may experience extreme emotional bouts. In some instances, they may feel angry, upset, sad, depressed, and suffer from other emotions for which there is no rational cause.

• It is common for a person suffering from evil curses like demonic oppression to feel an extreme amount of hate, lash out verbally, and even display signs of physical aggressiveness.

• Many suffer from many different types of physical complications such as persistent and unexplained sicknesses and injuries.

• Cognitive complications such as the inability to concentrate, fatigue, destructive thoughts, and even negativity may also be the work of real demons.

As you can see, demonic oppression caused by real demons is, in fact, the worst of all evil curses. Not only can this type of oppression affect you spiritually, it may affect you emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, and financially. Each and every single day, there are millions of people that are subjected to oppression through one means or another. These individuals are seemingly surrounded by a large bout of negativity. If you or someone that you love suffers from the signs of oppression, it is important to know that there are ways to deal with the issue. It is just as important to not allow yourself to experience this type of complication for too long. Allowing real demons to constantly subject you to their plans of consuming your soul may prove to be destructive to you as well as those around you. While this is one of the worst evil curses that a person may be subjected to because it comes from real demons, the secret to eliminating the destruction that follows this type of curse remains to be one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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