Gettysburg Ghosts

The Gettysburg Ghosts have made their presence known time and time again to the many visitors of the area.

There is an apparent connection between death that is considered to be untimely and violent and the presence of a haunting. Untimely deaths seem to leave a type of emotional imprint on a particular area. It is believed that the imprint is a type of energy that must manifest itself until it no longer exists. This is referred to as a "Residual Haunting". Most of the Gettysburg Ghosts are believed to be emotional imprints from the violent and tragic events of the past.

On the first day of July in the year of 1863, the troops that were being led by the General of the Confederate Army, Robert E. Lee, made their arrival to the town that is called Gettysburg. To his surprise, the Union Army which was led by the General named George G. Meade was already in the town. Naturally, when the two armies met up, an immense battle started. The battle would last three long days. Little did the soldiers know that the battle would be considered one of the most violent, bloody, and tragic battles in all of history. Amazingly, there were an estimated fifty one thousand deaths that occurred in the Battle of Gettysburg. An amazing forty miles of land where used during the course of the battle. Today, it is believed that every inch of the forty mile span has its own share of Gettysburg Ghosts.

There seems to be one location among the vast span of land that has more paranormal activity than the other areas of land. This area is known as the "Devil’s Den". The rocks of this location are laid in such a way that a secret sniper was able to successfully shoot hundreds upon hundreds of the soldiers in the bloody battle. As a result of so many individuals dying in the general location of the rock formation, it appears that the spirits continue to reside there to this day. Those that wish to take pictures of the location, or film video footage for documentaries or for the purpose of capturing ghost videos often discover that full charged batteries are quickly drained. This prevents them from capturing the location on film.

The Devil's Den

Many individuals have witnessed strange phenomenon such as foggy patches, lighted orbs, and other unusual apparitions. There are quite a few people who have actually witnessed humanoid apparitions. Those that have witnessed these ghosts often describe the beings as engaging in the same act over and over, and acting as if they are not aware that anyone else is there. This is often typical in residual based hauntings. These hauntings are not believed to be intelligent, although there have been some run ins that suggest there could be a few intelligent hauntings present. While the concept of residual energy based recordings in certain areas remains to be an unsolved mystery, the Gettysburg Ghosts are an even bigger unsolved mystery.

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