The Mysterious Ghost Blimp

The mysterious ghost blimp has caught the attention of paranormal enthusiasts since the year of 1942.

It was in this year, on the day of August 16th that two men literally seemed to vanish into "thin air" with absolutely no logical explanation. The blimp that the pilots were on when this occurred was referred to as the "Navy Airship L-8". The airship was scheduled to do a patrol that was considered to be routine just off the California coast near San Francisco. The goal of the mission was to identify if there were any Japanese operated submarines in the area of the Pacific Ocean. Just a few hours into the mission, the mysterious blimp floated back to the shore that it originated from – carrying no pilots at all.

Originally, the blimp was to be used by Goodyear. However, when it was constructed in the year of 1941, the Navy took an immense amount of interest in it and purchased it. This type of airship was extremely popular when it came to defending areas that rested on the coastal areas of the United States. They had the capability of locating and tracking submarine vessels, often carried highly technological machine guns, and had many other features that made them idea for the Navy.

The U.S. Navy blimp L-8, a.k.a. The Ghost BlimpTwo experienced pilots started their mission on the L-8 blimp that day, and both pilots would be lost forever from that day forward. Their names were Ernest Cody who was twenty seven years of age and Charles Adams who was thirty eight years old would start what is considered one of the most mysterious blimp voyages of all time at 6am on the morning of August 16th in the year of 1942. They departed from the bay of San Francisco in an area called "Treasure Island". They were intending to travel to the Farallon Islands. This was an area located just thirty miles due west from the popular Golden Gate Bridge.

An hour passed with no incident. Once the hour was up, Ernest Cody called into the flight controller and informed them that there appeared to be some sort of oil on the water. He informed the base that he was going to investigate the area. This was the last time that communication was made with the ghost blimp. Individuals on a beach near the area of San Francisco stated that they saw a blimp flying exceptionally low. They gave statements that said that the vessel apparently got stuck on some rocks and then was able to dislodge itself from the predicament.

The ghost blimp continued to travel east. It simply moved with no motors on. Eventually, it hit a total of two cars and even a house. It eventually came to rest in a street located in the popular Daly City located in the State of California. As onlookers and emergency care workers worked to locate the pilots of the craft, they realized that it was a lost cause. There were no pilots anywhere. The door had been opened and the life vests were missing, but no other accessories were missing. Additionally, no calls for help were initiated from the missing pilots.

A massive search started for the pilots, but they were never located. The L-8 airship was referred to as the "Ghost Ship" and the "Ghost Blimp" soon thereafter. There were many theories surrounding the events that included the pilots being subjected to harsh water conditions, an UFO abduction, and other strange phenomena but nothing ever explained the mystery behind their disappearance. While the ghost blimp continued to operate until the year of 1982, it still possesses the secret of what happened to the two pilots in the year of 1942. To this day, it is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of Naval history in the United States.

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