Haunted Places in Alabama – The Rawls Hotel

"The immortality of the soul is demonstrated by many proofs. "

If you are interested in haunted places in Alabama, you will be pleased to find that there are several. One of the most interesting of these locations is The Rawls Hotel that is in the city of Enterprise. Individuals that have sought out haunted places to stay in the State of Alabama are never disappointed once they have spent some time at this luxurious hotel. Blends of the elegance of the old-world combined with the modern comforts that we desire today come together in perfect collaboration in this haunted hotel. Are the stories surrounding The Rawls Hotel true? The answer to this question is still one of the nation’s greatest unsolved mysteries. If you are interested in haunted places to stay, you will likely find the information in this guide quite interesting.

In the Beginning

During the period immediately following the war identified as World War I, many individuals started sharing stories related to strange unexplained phenomenon that occurred at The Rawls Hotel located in Enterprise, Alabama. The residents of the city seemed to have the largest amount of information pertaining to the paranormal stories that surrounded the structure. As time progressed, the stories of the paranormal events that were said to take place in and around this haunted hotel were passed from one generation to another generation. Today, these stories are still circulated.

The Spirits of the Children

While there are many haunted places in Alabama, The Rawls Hotel is one of the establishments that is said to house the spirits of children. There is no rational explanation why children would haunt this particular hotel, but there are many eye witness accounts and evidence obtained from paranormal investigations that validate the fact that there are, in fact, children haunting The Rawls Hotel in Enterprise, Alabama. According to many, it is believed that perhaps the children often visited the establishment with their families in the earliest days of operation and experienced some type of death shortly thereafter. The children could recognize this haunted hotel as the last known familiar location, or they could just have an emotional bond to it and are attached to it after death. Whatever the reason, the fact still remains that many throughout history have not only heard the ghost children playing, they have also seen the apparitions of children throughout the structure.

Other Unexplained Phenomenon

On the second and the third floor of this haunted hotel, it is believed that there are many spirits aimlessly wandering from one room to another. It is not at all unusual for guests to see full body apparitions, hear faint conversations and even feel unexplained breezes and a sense that someone is watching them. Many people that have worked in this hotel and stayed as guests have described picking up on smells that are unexplainable as well. It is not uncommon to catch a hint of an old fashioned cigar or sweet smelling perfume. While there are many haunted places in Alabama, haunted places to stay such as The Rawls Hotel are the ones that visitors frequent time and time again due to the sheer amount of paranormal activity that occurs there.

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