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One of the most haunted places in New Jersey is Lambertville High School. If you are interested in haunted schools around the world or school spirits in general, you will find that the paranormal activity at the building that once served as Lambertville High School is highly intriguing. This particular school was constructed in the 1850s and stood as a beautiful red schoolhouse created from beautifully sculpted bricks. The school was constructed on top of the single largest hill located in the City of Lambertville. Originally, this hill was referred to as “Coryell’s Hill”. However, as time progressed, the name of this hill was changed to “High School Hill”. Throughout this guide, you will learn why this once popular high school is now considered to be one of the most haunted places in New Jersey and information pertaining to the school spirits that are rumored to be haunting this haunted high school.

The Curse of Flames

Despite the bright beginnings that Lambertville High School experienced, it was destined for many different episodes of tragedy.These episodes resulted in it becoming one of the most haunted places in New Jersey.Based on the historical information available regarding the school, it has been established that a fire developed in the school in the late 1920s. Many believe that the fire occurred as early as 1925, but there are many that believe the first fire started as late as 1927. Most of the building was literally devoured by the flames of this fire. Many individuals believe over one hundred students died as a result of the fire, but there are many that state no life was lost when the first fire occurred. Not too long after this event, the school was reconstructed and once again opened to students.

There are many that have expressed the fact that once the school was reopened, it was never the same. The halls seemed darker and an ominous feeling seemed to linger through all of the classrooms. The students were not as delightful as they were prior to the fire and everyone that worked throughout the school seemed to be possessed by a dark force. Many paranormal investigators and historians that have studied this period of history have made claims that the original fire seemed to make the location a target for forces that were relatively evil. This could have been the start of the building becoming one of the most haunted places in New Jersey.Not too much longer after the school was reconstructed, another fire developed and consumed a good portion of the building. Finally, after a long battle to remain open as one of the main educational facilities in the City of Lambertville, the school closed its doors in or around the year 1854 and the building sat – seemingly lifeless – on the large hill. In the year of 1992, the building experienced another fire that came as a result of vandals. This destroyed most of the structure, but did not seem to drive out the school spirits that apparently remain throughout the structure.

The Legend of “Buckeye”

It does not matter whether you are researching haunted places in New Jersey or other locations in the world; nearly every structure that is associated with paranormal activity has a legend or a story surrounding it. The same holds true for Lambertville High School. If you are interested in haunted places such as haunted schools or just school spirits in general, it is important to remember that there is always some sort of truth associated with a story or a legend. The legend associated with this haunted school involves several students. The main character in the story is a teenage boy by the name of Billy Scrimshaw, who was known as “Buckeye”. It also involves a beautiful teenage girl by the name of Maria Di Novi and another boy named Norman Fancher.

Billy Scrimshaw was a quarterback who had a promising future ahead of him because of his massive football playing talents. While he was described as being relatively shy, he gained an immense degree of popularity because of the fact that he assisted the school in numerous football victories. Despite the fact that he came from a Baptist background, he started to court a Catholic girl named Maria. At the same time, his peer, who was also a quarterback, was showing interest in the girl. His peer’s name was Norman Fancher. Unfortunately, Norman had prior plans to make an official engagement to Maria and became extremely frustrated when he discovered Billy’s attraction. Finally, he challenged Billy to a good, solid game of football.

This was to be the game that would determine who could officially court Maria. Both Billy and Norman organized the game with a number of students and set the timer for one hour. At the fifty five minute mark, it is said that the game was a tie, with both teams having a score of exactly fourteen. Norman’s team attempted to make a play and Billy ran diligently for the ball in order to intercept it. Unfortunately, Norman had thrown the ball with incredible force and Billy failed to catch it. Instead of hitting the ground, the football struck Billy in the face – immediately killing him. Immediately after the events, things were a bit quiet throughout the school. That is, until one individual started telling others that if they stood on the staircase, called out to Buckeye and requested to play ball that a football would randomly appear going straight towards them. This is, perhaps, what resulted in Lambertville High School becoming known as one of the most haunted places in New Jersey. Many believe “Buckeye Billy” still roams the halls of the building searching for his beloved Maria and seeking his revenge for his death. While Billy is often the main interest when it comes to ghosts at this haunted high school, many believe that there are other school spirits roaming the grounds.

Modern Day Paranormal Activity

There are many different types of paranormal activity surrounding Lambertville High School. The activity has led it to be considered one of the most haunted places in New jersey. One of the most popular events are the chalkboard drawings that are said to be in the region of the second floor of the now abandoned structure. When looking at the blackboard on this floor, you will discover that the drawings are literally etched into the blackboard permanently. It is unknown as to whether this was done before or after the fires, but many believe that it is the work of the spiritual world. When you look at the children in the drawing, you will discover that all of them seem as if they are in some type of pain and are extremely unhappy. In addition to this, all of them seem to be staring towards the window in the room. In the center of the drawing, you will find that there is a small girl looking directly ahead with her arms crossed. Many believe that the children are saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Could this be a depiction from the spiritual world that highlights a trauma that the children suffered from? This is not the only chalkboard drawing in the structure. Another reflects happy children that are engaging in classroom activities. Do these pictures reflect the school spirits that apparently roam the structure today?

In addition to the mysterious chalkboard drawings, many witnesses claim to hear school bells ringing randomly throughout the structure – despite the fact that there is no electricity or anyone available to ring the bell. The sounds of children laughing, playing, crying, and screaming have also echoed through the walls of the abandoned schoolhouse. Many people have stated that, despite extreme outdoor temperatures, there are many cold spots throughout the structure. Today, the building still sits atop the largest hill in the city. Individuals that have visited the haunted school claim that it is one of the most haunted places in New Jersey. There are many mysteries that surround Lambertville High School, despite the high level of documentation surrounding the structure. Could this haunted school really be one of the most haunted places in New Jersey? That and the school spirits that seemingly roam the structure remains to be some of the greatest unsolved mysteries surrounding haunted schools within the United States.

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