The Hell Hound

"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. "
~Henri Bergson

The hell hound mystery creature is a dog that is believed to supernatural based. Many claim that these particular dogs are actually demons. Throughout history, these demonic beings have been associated with stories grounded in mythology and basic folklore. This mystery creature has been used creatively in fictional stories as well. Due to the fact that these creatures are considered to be demon spirits, their physical appearance often reflects the characteristics that many would attribute to those entities that emerge from the pits of hell or the evil abyss that is similar to hell.

Physical Appearance

The hell hound mystery creature has a distinctive physical appearance. In all instances of accounts, they are Hell Hounddescribed as being ominous in one way or another. Their appearance portrays evil in its most basic form. Nearly all reports claim that these resemble dogs and that the creatures have black fur. The eyes of the creature are said to glow eerily. Many claim that the glow is red, while others claim that the glow is yellow. There seems to be a stench or foul based odor associated with the demon spirits. In addition to this, many claim that the hell hounds have the ability to communicate much like humans. It is also common for the hell hound to be described as having a demonically ghostly way about it.

The Role of the Hell Hound

Many that study demons and other evil spirits claim that the hell hounds have a very important role in the delicate balance of good and evil as well as the delicate balance of life and death. It is believed that their main role is to guard the openings from the physical world into the spiritual world or the region known as the “World of the Dead”. This world is also identified as the “Underworld” where Satan is said to rule. It is believed that these openings exist at certain portals in the world such as burial grounds as well as graveyards. In the United States, one of these portals is believed to occur on Highway 666. This highway was officially renamed to U.S Route 491 in the year of 2003, but throughout the history of the long stretch of road and even today, there are still many accounts of seeing hell hounds. Many believe these demons search for souls and others believe witnessing a hell hound mystery creature is an omen that is directly related to death.

The Legend

It is believed that the hell hound mystery creature lurks in the shadows and darkness that often over shadows the hills and the graveyards across the world. In England, the hell hound is known as the “Black Shuck”. Those that live in Norway refer to the demon spirits as “Garm”. Those that reside in Latin America call this dark creature the “Perro Negro”. The odor that is often observed when the hell hound makes its appearance is often described as a “fire” or “brimstone” odor. It is believed that if you see this demon three different times, you will face a death that is considered to be untimely. Whether or not the hell hound mystery creature exists or the legend is true, this is still considered one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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