The Hornet Spook Light Mystery

The Hornet spook light mystery has perplexed many individuals since the year 1866.

Located approximately twelve miles southwest of the city of Joplin in the State of Missouri is a paved road that goes through an area of open country that is about four miles in length. This is a very isolated location, yet it borders the village that is called "Hornet". There is also a location near the short isolated road that was once referred to as the "Spook Light Museum". This isolated and mysterious area draws in many curious individuals annually. The strange phenomenon that the visitors are seeking is referred to as the "Hornet Spook Light".

The mystery light that individuals visit the area to see is so intriguing that the group that is referred to as the "Army Corps of Engineers" has dubbed it as the "mysterious light of unknown origin". The place that the light normally appears is in a location that the locals refer to as "Devil’s Promenade", but it has been seen in other areas as well. Observers of the Hornet spook light have described it as being similar to a ball of fire, and others have simply referred to it as an unusual light that moves very strangely and seems to emit a small amount of heat when it comes in close proximity of a person that observes it.

While the frightening light has never harmed anyone, it has induced a high level of fear in those that have had close encounters with it. There are many explanations behind the mysterious light. Many locals believe that it actually represents the spirits of two Indians of the Quapaw tribe that passed away in the area. There is also a story circulating that it belongs to the spirit of an Indian Chief of the Osage tribe that was beheaded and that the light is actually his torch that lit the way for him to locate his head. Many claim that a miner in the area lost his children and would take a lantern out at night to locate him. It is said that when he died, the lantern could still be seen as if he was searching for his children in the afterlife.

Many individuals have attempted to uncover a rational explanation for the mysterious light. Unfortunately, to this day, there is no one answer for why the lights are seen or what they truly are. Individuals still flock to the isolated area trying to catch a glimpse of the strange phenomenon. Many have even tried to pursue the light, but with no success. The Hornet spook light is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of the United States. It is evident that it is there, but no evidence pertaining to its origins and basis.

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