A Real Kansas City Haunted House

The Donaldson House

"All houses are haunted. All persons are haunted. Throngs of spirits follow us everywhere. We are never alone."
~Barney Sarecky

If you are interested in visiting a real Kansas City haunted house, you should consider visiting the structure known as the Donaldson House. Just on the outskirts of Kansas City Missouri lies a large Victorian mansion, which in its day, has housed a wide array of people. This home has often been referred to throughout history as the “Donaldson House”. In the hundred years that this particular structure has stood, it has seen things that have left an indelible mark on it. Not only has several living souls come through this structure, but several spiritual souls have as well. According to those that have lived in the structure, visited the home, and even worked in and around the home, this Kansas City haunted house definitely has many unique stories to share.

In 1901 on Oak Street, the new house came into play in Kansas City. It was a beautiful large home, built as the story goes, by a physician who wanted something large and lovely for his family. The house is two stories tall, with a third floor that houses a full attic. It has the style of the era, lovely Victorian porches, a very distinctive one which is round in shape and while it is a bit time worn, still exudes the look of quality and class that it was built to offer the owners. The structure was a very appealing one, drawing the interest of all that laid eyes on it. As time progressed, it seems that it attracted more than the interest of people. It is believed that it has also drawn the interest of many that have passed from the physical world into the spiritual world.

In 1939, the Donaldson House was put up for sale and was purchased by the Lewin Donaldson family, an upper middle class family who owned it until 1967. It went on the market in 1968 and was purchased by the present day owners, the Kansas City Art Institute - a school for aspiring artists in the suburbs of Kansas City. From the time that the Art Institute took over the ownership of the property and proceeded to begin renovations of the old structure of the Kansas City haunted house, it was said that odd things took place on a regular basis. Individuals that specialize in the paranormal have stated that when a structure undergoes physical changes such as renovations and remodeling, it is common for unexplained phenomenon to occur. This is the case of this Kansas City haunted house.

Those who were privy to the happenings counted and logged them carefully in an effort to ascertain just how many different spirits dwelt here and why they seemed to be so unhappy with those who were now using the house. The end result was that the house was determined to have about eight unique spirits who were living in it. Those who witnessed their behavior and the occurrences that took place relate that of the eight, only one seems to be happy and contented, while the other seven are more malevolent and determined to cause issues in the Donaldson house and its residents.

The older bedrooms in the very famous Kansas City haunted house now house classrooms for students, while the downstairs rooms are studios or classrooms as well. The Parlor, the entry way, each taken up with various aspects of the schools needs, are places that are seemingly haunted--this according to the students and the teachers as well as the odd passer-by who may have witnessed the strange goings on that seem to take place here on a regular basis. The experiences that many have had in and around these areas have been quite frightening. However, there are many that have not experienced frightening situations in and around these locations.

It is said that the spirits do not seem to be soothed by the magic of art and music, instead finding ways to protest those who own the property and the use of the house. A toolbox has flown across the room frightening the caretakers and those who were clearing up after a particularly messy party. The upstairs phone rings each night for the past twenty odd years between 3 and 4 in the morning. The students have learned to live with the ghosts who haunt the halls of their art school, but it seems that the ghosts have not yet come to terms with the students. Strange things continue to take place in the Donaldson House. Scheduled now for extensive renovation and added rooms, how will these spirits react to the new additions and to the additional students that the famous Kansas City haunted house will take in? Time will tell. The unexplained phenomenon that surrounds this haunted home continues to be considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world of the paranormal.

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