The Marfa Lights Mystery

The Marfa Lights mystery has plagued the minds of many individuals throughout history.

These mysterious lights are typically observed on what is referred to as the "Mitchell Flat" that is located due east of the city of Marfa in the State of Texas. If you drive along U.S Route 67, you may even observe these lights. While they are often referred to as the "Marfa Lights", they have also been called "Ghost Lights". Claims state that individuals have reported seeing these lights as early back as the 1800s, but the first documented case that was officially published was made in the year 1957.

It is said that these lights are about the size of basketballs. In some instances, it is said that the lights float just above the ground. In other accounts, they are seen relatively high in the air. While seen moving exceptionally slowly, they are also capable of moving at really high rates of speed. There are many colors associated with the ghost lights. These colors include white, blue, yellow, green, red, and even orange. The Marfa lights are often observed in large groups and seem to move in sync with one another. In some instances, the lights come together to form certain patterns.

It is not common to see the lights during the day. Nearly all reported sightings have occurred in the nighttime. Annually, it is estimated that the lights occur ten to twenty times. The times in which the lights appear and the exact location of the lights vary from one sighting to another, but the observers are convinced that they do see this mysterious phenomenon, and despite their best efforts, they are unable to determine a sound explanation for the events. In some accounts they are only visible for seconds or minutes. In other instances, they occur visibly for hours on end. These mysterious lights do not seem to be affected by weather conditions or any other type of environmental condition. Despite efforts to debunk that the lights are related to the paranormal or any type of extraterrestrial events, the basis of these lights are still considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the area.

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