My Mother, The Angel

by Albert Johnson Jr.
(Philadelphia, PA)

When I was younger, I stayed at my stepmother’s house for the night. We had a family gathering there where we played games and socialized for several hours. Later that evening, I fell asleep. Several hours later, I woke up to find myself sleeping in my stepmother’s bedroom. At first, the room was dark. Then, I looked up and observed a bright, white figure. Upon further inspection, I saw that the figure was a female. She was simply standing there quietly, looking directly at me. I immediately knew that this was strange and it frightened me. In fact, I was so scared that I quickly pulled the covers over my head and I felt a tremendous amount of fear.

A little time passed and I decided to look again to see if the room was clear. To my surprise, the figure was still standing silently, watching me. The entire room was dark - except for this figure. She seemed friendly, but I did not recognize her and I knew this was unusual. Quickly, I darted out of the bedroom and attempted to find my family. I found them playing board games in another room in the house. I quickly started telling them what had happened and provided them with details about the female apparition or spirit that I had observed.

My birth mother had passed away in the year of 1987. As I concluded with my experience, my stepmother expressed her opinion that it could have been the spirit of my birth mother. I really was not sure if it was or not at the time. However, when that possibility was brought up, I did believe that it was. Ever since that night, I feel as if I am truly blessed. I feel as if I have someone watching over me at all times. I believe that someone is my mother, the angel.

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