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The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation has many haunted mysteries.

David Bradford, a General, constructed the home in the year of 1796. Many paranormal investigators have conducted extensive research on this home. This research has been conducted because it is believed that the plantation hosts a large number of spirits that are quite restless in nature. Many have concluded that approximately ten individual murders have occurred on the property. There are some that believe only one murder has taken place on the property. This is just one of the many unsolved mysteries that surround this plantation. Here, you will learn about the various Myrtles Plantation haunted mysteries.

The haunted Myrtles Plantation is located in the State of Louisiana in a town called "St. Francisville". This property has held the position of one of "America's Most Haunted Houses" for several decades. Many have observed hand prints with no tangible evidence of being placed by a living person in the mirrors within the structure. It is not uncommon to hear the sounds of footsteps within the structure - even if you are the only person within the building. Objects have literally vanished with absolutely no explanation. Each year, many individuals visit this plantation. Many of these individuals experience paranormal events. Considering the sheer number of ghosts that are said to reside within the structure, experiencing unexplained phenomenon is not at all unusual at the haunted Myrtles Plantation.

The first of the Myrtles Plantation haunted mysteries surrounds the story of a slave named Chloe. In the year of 1817, Clark Woodruff married a lady by the name of Sarah Mathilda. They had two children, and then Sarah became pregnant with a third. It was at this time that it is believed that Clark started having an affair with a slave he hired named Chloe. It is believed that the affair was initially forced upon the slave, but that she eventually came to have feelings for Clark. Plus, she believed that if she continued to have the affair that she would not be sent away to work in the treacherous fields of Louisiana.

As time progressed, it is believed that Clark became interested in another slave and quit having relations with Chloe. Naturally, Chloe became worried and uneasy as she believed she would be sent away. She started to intentionally "spy" on the conversations that the family had, but was caught by Clark Woodruff. He immediately ordered one of her ears to be removed in order to remind her that this was an unacceptable behavior. Once this occurred, Chloe placed a green cloth around her head to act as a turban. She did not want others to observe the scar that the severe punishment had left behind.

Eventually, time would pass and the birthday of Clark's oldest daughter would arrive. It is believed that Chloe placed small traces of poison in the cake. By the end of the day, the two girls and their mother were so sick that they passed away. Clark did not eat the cake, so he knew that it had to be related. It is said that the other slaves knew what happened and hung Chloe and then weighted her body down and dropped her in a river. Today, many pictures and ghost videos have been taken that seem to display the ghost of Chloe - in her turban. This is, perhaps, one of the most popular when it comes to the Myrtles Plantation haunted mysteries.

Many individuals that have worked at the plantation and visited the structure have claimed to have heard children playing in the area of the veranda. It is believed that these are the daughters of Clark. The sounds of children whispering, singling, talking faintly, and even crying have been heard in and around the building all throughout history. These sounds have been captured on electronic voice equipment, digital and standard cameras, and even video. Are the images and sounds related to the two children who died by consuming the poisoned birthday cake? Perhaps the Myrtles Plantation will always hold the secret to this haunted mystery.

There is a ghost at the haunted Myrtles Plantation that is said to have been a man by the name of William Winter in life. He called the plantation home from the year 1860 to the year of 1871. He was an attorney that was shot on the porch of his home by an unknown assailant. It is said that as he climbed the stairs, he died on the 17th step. Many claim to hear him walking to the point of the 17th step and then hearing silence at that point. Many have even claimed that they have actually seen a misty appearance in the form of a struggling man walking to the 17th step and then falling. This is yet another one of the Myrtles Plantation haunted mysteries.

There are many haunted mysteries at this location. The next and last for the purpose and intent of this guide is related to the beautiful grand piano that stands majestically in the structure. Many individuals have stated that they have heard and seen the piano playing with no assistance from the living. Could this be the welcoming song from the beyond? This is yet to be determined. Only the next of the many Myrtles Plantation haunted mysteries...

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