The School Spirits of Moorhood High School

If you have an interest in haunted schools, the school spirits that are said to haunt Moorhood High School in the State of Minnesota are likely to be extremely interesting to you. These days, more and more individuals are starting to share their paranormal stories with others. This is largely due to the fact that there is now a tremendous amount of coverage through the means of television shows, documentaries, and even news broadcasts that is directly related to hauntings, ghosts, and other topics of the paranormal. Recently, many individuals started coming forward with their stories of school spirits at high schools and colleges that they attended at some point in their life. The story surrounding the school spirits of Moorhead High School is just one account of many surrounding high schools in the world, but it is a significant story that continues to be shared among those that live in Moorhood, Minnesota. In this guide, you will learn the story that has made this high school one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.

Preparations for Prom

According to the stories and witness accounts associated with the rumors that there are several school spirits at Moorhood High School in the State of Minnesota, one evening a couple worked diligently to prepare for their prom. Tuxedos were put on and dresses were assembled – complete with all of the standard accessories suitable for the special event. A senior by the name of Sidney worked to quickly dress in a brand new tuxedo that was blue in color so that he could pick up his date – another senior by the name of Norma. While the couple had only shared one previous date in their past, they both anticipated the evening that lay ahead of them. It has been said that once Sidney prepared for the night, he went to pick up Norma – arriving at approximately 7:15pm that night.

The couple remained in Norma’s home until approximately ten minutes until eight because the family wanted to take pictures of the couple before they set out on what is supposed to be one of the most monumental events in their high school years. Once bidding farewell to Norma’s parents, the two teenagers hopped into the vehicle that Sidney’s dad allowed him to borrow for the special event. During the trip to the school’s gymnasium for the prom, Norma experienced some challenges with her wrist corsage, so Sidney asked her to put her arm towards him so that he could assist her in tightening it up so that the flowers on the beautiful band would stay straight. However, it proved to be rather difficult for Sidney to make the wrist band tight enough.

At one point, the corsage wrist band was removed from Norma’s wrist, but Norma did not realize that this was done intentionally and reached to grab for the accessory. She accidentally struck Sidney and because of the region he was struck and the pain that he experienced, he was caught a bit off guard and it resulted in him swerving into traffic that was oncoming. Unfortunately, the vehicle in the oncoming lane was a large eighteen wheel semi-truck. Since Sidney did not have time to correct the swerve, he ran right into the oncoming truck. It was established that the couple was only a short distance away from their school – exactly half a block to be precise. Unfortunately, they never made it to their prom. When emergency response workers arrived, they had to pull the lifeless bodies of Norma and Sidney from the vehicle.

The Queen and King of Prom

While there are many haunted places in Minnesota, the Moorhood High School is considered to be the one with the most intriguing hauntings. Immediately after Sidney and Norma died as a result of the injuries that they experienced in the car accident, many teenagers mourned over their death. They were well liked and it was challenging to adjust to school without them. In order to honor their memory, the prom that occurred the following year designated Norma as the Prom Queen and Sidney as the Prom King. That year, the school used an “Under the Sea” theme and decorated the gymnasium in an exquisite manner because of the fact that the prom was no longer just the prom – it was also a memorial to honor the two students that had passed one year prior. Ironically, it seems that the memorial attracted more than memories – it is said that it also attracted the school spirits of Sidney and Norma.

Many students came together to piece together the decorations for the event and to make the gymnasium transform into a location that reflected the water theme. Finally, the decoration committee was down to just three students and they decided that it would be appropriate for them to stop working for the night. These students did not realize upon closing that they would experience the school spirits of Sidney and Norma for the very first time since their death. However, that is just what happened. As they were making their way out of the door, they heard music playing. The song that echoed off the walls of the gym was “Don’t go Breaking my Heart”. All of the students turned to investigate the music to determine the cause. However, there was no logical explanation. They found it particularly unusual when they discovered that the gym was still quite dark and that there was no way that anyone could have entered the area and turned on the music. It was at this moment that Moorhood High School started gaining the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.

As the inspection drew to a close, the remaining students caught a glimpse of something highly unusual – the ghostly reflections of Sidney and Norma dancing. All of the students were shocked to see the school spirits dancing when they had been mourning their loss. At first, they simply shrugged the event off. However, the individuals on the prom committee the following year also experienced the same situation. Today, it seems as if these school spirits still dance amongst themselves each year prior to prom. While many feel intimidated by these school spirits, no one feels threatened by them. If you are planning a visit to Minnesota, you should consider asking the locals about Moorhead High School while there. Considered to be one of the most haunted places in Minnesota, you may run into someone that has seen the school spirits themselves.

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