Learn the Signs of a Demon Haunting

Learn the Signs of a Demon Haunting

"Demons exist whether you believe in them or not, "
~The Exorcism of Emily Rose

There are many signs of a demon haunting. A demon is a considered to be an inhuman entity. Unlike the spirits that are associated with human spirits, these types of entities are considered to be extremely strong. While most stories that stem from religion, folklore, mythology and the occult describe a demon as a “Malevolent Spirit”, many groups of individuals describe these entities as being “Unclean Spirits”. Many individuals throughout the world have been subjected to what has been identified as a demonic haunting. Based on the experiences that these individuals experienced, many signs of a demonic presence have been identified. Throughout this paranormal guide, you will be introduced to the various signs of a demon haunting.

If you are interested in learning the signs of a demonic haunting, it is first important to understand that these types of hauntings are not considered to be popular. As a matter of fact, the instances which demons are believed to be the source of the issues that a person experiences does not happen very often and are often considered to be rare by most paranormal investigators. Of course, it is important to understand that the studies only involve individuals that have actually reported their claims in one way or another. Many individuals have or currently are experiencing a haunting from a demon that are not reporting it or will not report it. As a result of this fact, paranormal investigators firmly believe that the issue is more common than it actually appears.

If you are interested in learning the signs of a demon haunting, it is important to first understand that this is one of the most complicated and challenging type of haunting that may be experienced. Those that must contend with an unseen demonic presence often describe the event as being one of the most frightening situations that they have endured. It does not matter if you are reading this to simply learn more or if you are a paranormal investigator, you will acquire a large amount of information regarding the signs of a demon haunting. By gaining an understanding of the signs of a demonic presence, you will be able to effectively cope with and resolve the issue with little to no complications.

Demons by Standard Definition

In order to effectively understand demons and their nature, it is first important to understand exactly what a demon is. While there are many groups and individuals that have their own explanation of what a demon is, it is most commonly agreed upon that they were originally angels. However, there was a rebellion that Satan initiated against God while in Heaven. The angels that sided with Satan were considered to be unworthy to retain their spot in Heaven. As a result, they were cast out of Heaven. This is covered in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. As a result of Satan’s weakness against God, the Bible states:

“But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in Heaven” Revelation 12:8

If an individual experiences a demonic haunting, two different situations may arise. The first is referred to as “Demonic Oppression” and the second is referred to as “Demonic Possession”. When an individual becomes a victim of demonic oppression, it indicates that they have been subjected to the actual work of spirits that are considered to be evil and have been urged to commit one or more sins, become bonded to that which is considered to be sinful, deny the Word of God, and even to feel as if they are spiritually dead. In addition to the possibility that demonic oppression may be experienced, the victim is also subjected to the signs of a demon haunting.

When this occurs, the victim may experience possession by a demon. This means that their body and mind has been inhabited by at least one demonic entity and that they lack the control over the mind and body that they once had. Both of these situations, combined with the signs of a demon haunting may wreak havoc in an individual’s life, as well as the lives of those that are around them. It is the purpose and intent of a demon to actually seduce humans in one way or another and deceive them as well. Many individuals, groups, and even paranormal investigators believe that there is a constant battle occurring that is spiritual in nature. Because of this ongoing conflict, anyone has the potential to become subjected to a haunting caused by a demonic entity.

Signs of a Demonic Presence

Despite that most paranormal investigators agree that the haunting that occurs that involves a demon is rare; a lot of information has been obtained from the cases that seem to indicate the presence of a demon. Individuals that specialize in religious services, paranormal investigations, and demonology have determined that there are several signs of a demonic presence. The following highlights the most commonly experienced signs that are believed to be a result of a demon:

1. In most cases, unusual phenomenon that involves various aspects of a home may become apparent. It is common for individuals to observe furniture, decorations, and other items move freely without the assistance of any rational force. In other cases, items that are powered by electricity and batteries may start to operate on their own without any type of scientific explanation.

2. Many victims of a demonic haunting have expressed the fact that they hear an assortment of sounds that cannot be explained. Examples include unusual taps, various types of banging noises, sounds that resemble that of low growls or screeching, as well as voices that are disembodied.

3. It is not uncommon for many victims to claim that they have observed smells that are foul in nature and cannot be explained. The smells may be described as simply “foul”, while others describe them as a “stench”, “bitter”, or simply “unusual”.

4. It is very common for many to express the fact that the air feels particularly “heavy” or “oppressive” throughout the structure that is believed to be haunted by a demon, or even one particular location of a structure, such as a bedroom, basement, or attic.

5. Many individuals that experience a demon directly may start to become extremely emotional in one way or another. This heightened emotional state is typically unexplainable. Complications such as angry outbursts, depression, aggression, and apathy may be experienced.

6. In evaluating the signs of a demon haunting, many paranormal investigators and other professionals find that the individuals that reside in the home that is experiencing issues may develop a wide array of physiological complications. Examples include symptoms that cannot be linked to a particular condition, unusual scratches and bruises, the onset of nose bleeds, balance issues, vomiting, headaches, and other types of uncomfortable conditions.

7. It is common for many to suffer from sleep complications. This is mostly due to the fact that demons are considered to be more active during the evening and night hours. The peak time that activity is experienced is typically three in the morning until three thirty in the morning. Despite the fact that a demonic haunting victim may feel that they have spent enough time resting, they may wake up feeling as if they have not rested at all. In other instances, the victim becomes so frightened of the signs that there is a demonic entity in their home that they are unable to rest soundly.

8. One of the top signs of a demonic presence is when an animal – such as a dog or cat – starts to display behaviors that are considered to be unusual and even erratic. These behaviors may include withdrawing from the family that has raised it, barking at something that others are unable to see, aggressive behavior, and even displaying outward signs of fright.

9. Many victims find that they experience physical harm when they are being harassed by one or more demons. Many have had their hair pulled, have received scratches and have even received injuries as a result of being pushed or pulled to the point where they fell or hit another object.

10. One of the other signs of a demon haunting is that the victim will start to lose interest in those things that they were once interested in. They may start to miss work and/or school and may even withdraw themselves socially. This may stem from the fact that they are being oppressed or have been possessed by a demon. However, in many instances, it is because they are frightened to share their experiences with others, so they keep the signs of a demon haunting to themselves.

If you or someone you know is suffering from the signs of a demon haunting, it is important to understand that there are groups and individuals that may assist you in eliminating the entity. It is important to understand that negativity, negative based emotions, and fear will typically only make a demon stronger. As a result of the acquired strength, it is likely that the signs of a demonic presence will only become stronger. By being positive and making an attempt to cast off the demons that are affecting particular people or places, an individual may be able to successfully win the battle against any type of demon that may affect them. Because no one is immune from the deception and fear of demonic entities, it is important for everyone to learn the signs of a demon haunting.

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