The Skinwalker Ranch
A Review of Substantial Signs of Paranormal Activity

The Skinwalker Ranch, which is located in the Southeast region of Ballard, Utah, is said to have experienced numerous signs of paranormal activity for several hundred years. 

This particular ranch is also known as “Sherman Ranch” because of the fact that a man by the name of Terry Sherman purchased the property in the year of 1994, during the summer months. Given the fact that the ranch included 480 acres of land, Mr. Sherman and his family felt that it would be an ideal location to start a business in cattle. However, within just a couple of years, Terry Sherman and his family promptly evacuated the land due to the discomfort and fear that they experienced as a result of the signs of paranormal activity that abounded during their stay on the land. Throughout this article, you will learn many facts pertaining to the Skinwalker Ranch. Is this one of the most haunted places in America? Numerous scientists and paranormal investigators possess evidence that lean towards the answer of “Yes”.

Ute Indian Lore

In the year of 1951, a science teacher that taught locally near the Skinwalker Ranch named Junior Hicks started an investigation of the land. His interest started when he and his students observed a large, unidentified object moving through the sky above the land of the ranch. In addition to being observed by Junior Hicks, his students also observed this unusual phenomenon. According to the research conducted by this teacher, he documented well over 400 individual signs of paranormal activity in and around Skinwalker Ranch. While researching and documenting the unusual activity associated with the land, he stumbled upon Indian lore associated with the Indian Tribe known as the “Ute”. He discovered that members of this particular tribe refrained from going near this land because of the fact that they believed it was cursed and possessed a large number of mythical creatures, which they referred to as “Skinwalkers”.


Not only did the Ute tribe avoid the land, they commonly referred to it as “The Path of the Skinwalker”. In Junior’s investigation, he discovered that they had used this means of identifying Skinwalker Ranch for hundreds upon hundreds of years. The Navajo skinwalkers are believed to be witches that have the capability to shape-shift. However, these witches are not considered to be a part of the living. In fact, they are considered to be spirits. As a result of this belief held by the Ute Indian Tribe and the signs of paranormal activity that have been documented on and around the ranch, this land has quickly been dubbed as one of the most paranormal places throughout the United States.

The Sherman’s

In the year of 1994, Terry and Gwen Sherman purchased what is known today as the “Skinwalker Ranch”. It was their intent to purchase the large plot of land so that they could transform it into a cattle ranch. The couple was quite intrigued by the fact that he property had been abandoned and that it was exceptionally difficult to track previous owners of the property. As they explored the property before purchasing it so that they and their two children could initiate the cattle business, they discovered numerous deadbolt locks on the doors and the windows of the structure on the land. Once they reviewed the inside of the structure, they discovered the same types of locks on the cabinets within the kitchen area. The family found this quite unusual, but was awed at the potential of the property, so they proceeded with the purchase.

Signs of Paranormal Activity Abound

It was not too long after the purchase of Skinwalker Ranch that the Sherman family started experiencing many signs of paranormal activity. The signs were numerous – mysterious voices in and around the home and the property, a large amount real UFO sightings, unusual creatures that were beastly in nature, and objects that would violently thrash about within their home for which no source could be identified as the culprit. In addition to this, there were quite a few cattle mutilations. Terry Gwen’s heard consisted of eighty cattle. In just two years, fourteen of them were mutilated by an unknown source.  In some instances, the signs of paranormal activity seemed to be related to unseen spirits. In other instances, they seemed to be related to the real UFO sightings that they were experiencing while living on the property. The following highlights some of the specific incidents that occurred at Skinwalker Ranch when the Sherman family resided and worked there:


·         The first day that the family arrived to move in their belongings, they had an unusual encounter with an exceptionally large wolf. This creature allowed the family to pet it. However, shortly thereafter, it attacked a small calf. Despite numerous attempts to shoot the creature with both a hand gun and a shotgun, the animal was not injured and eventually walked off into the woods. Terry Sherman attempted to follow the animal’s tracks. However, eventually the tracks just stopped – as if the creature had literally disappeared.

·         Mrs. Sherman pulled up through the ranch in a Chevette and encountered a wolf that stood taller than the roof of her car. This was not the first or last time that the family would observe exceptionally large wolves on the property.

·         At times, the pasture on the ranch would become exceptionally bright – similar to that of a stadium. At other times, beams of light could be seen dancing around the land – from sky to ground.

·         Occasionally, the family would smell a very distinctive, musky odor flowing through their home.

·         It was not at all unusual for the Sherman family to wake up and discover large holes and crop circles throughout their land at Skinwalker Ranch.

·         At times, an unusual sound could be heard. It was very loud and sounded as if it was machines running underneath the ground.

·         It was not at all unusual for the family and nearby farmers to witness mysterious blue orbs flying around. The family noted that these orbs seem to have an intelligence of their own and were quite frightening.

·         Many real UFO sightings were reported during the time that the Sherman family resided on the ranch. The sightings included vessels that resembled RVs, spheres and simply, orange glowing lights.

·         In one incident, the dogs that belonged to the family chased one of the orbs that were often seen around the ranch. Shortly after going into some dense brush, he heard the dogs yelp. The next day, he discovered that each of the animals had been incinerated.


There were many signs of paranormal activity that seemed to be both of the world and out of this world. Finally, the family had experienced enough and elected to flee the Skinwalker Ranch just two short years after purchasing the property. Despite the short amount of time that they were there, they now each possess a lifetime of devastating memories based on their experiences at what is now considered one of the most haunted places in America.

The National Institute for Discovery Science

In the late part of 1996, the organization known as the “National Institute of Discovery Science” or “NIDS” elected to purchase the Skinwalker Ranch for $200,000.00 for the purpose and intent of researching the land. Signs of paranormal activity started immediately after the purchase. The very first night that the investigators started researching the land, they observed yellow orbs approximately twenty feet off of the ground. Upon further inspection, they discovered an animal that appeared to be human climb into the furthest reaches of a tree. They made an attempt to kill the creature as they suspected it was responsible for the mutilations. However, the animal was not at all harmed and simply ran off into the snow – leaving footprints that looked like that of a human, only with large claw marks.


As the investigations by the organization continued, several cattle mutilations occurred. When these incidents took place at Skinwalker Ranch, the investigators found that it was done very quickly and with an extremely sharp object. During several mutilations, the researchers were within three hundred yards of the murdered animals. When they researched the animals, they discovered that nearly 40% of all of the mass associated with the cattle was removed – without leaving behind one trace of blood. As time progressed, the researchers experienced real UFO sightings, poltergeist activity, unexplained animals around the ranch and various other signs of paranormal activity.


The Skinwalker Ranch has experienced it all – apparent hauntings, poltergeist activity, real UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, crop circles, unexplained balls and/or orbs of light and the apparent presence of skinwalkers, aliens and a wide array of other unusual forms of life. While it is a private facility that is only viewable from the gates that lead to it, it has drawn the interests of paranormal investigators for years. Many consider it to be one of the most haunted places in America. Others consider it to be one of the largest hotspots associated with extraterrestrial life. The Skinwalker Ranch seems to hold many secrets – most of which pertain to the signs of paranormal activity that have abounded there for decades. To date, the cause behind the activities is still considered one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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