The Mysterious Tupac Shakur Death

"Let the Lord judge the criminals. "
~Tupac Shakur

The Tupac Shakur death is still considered to be a mystery despite the fact that several individuals have attempted to confess to the murder. Professionals from both the Las Vegas Police Department and the law enforcement agency in the city of Compton, California claim that the individuals that have confessed to the crime are nothing more than individuals that want to achieve fame through publicity. The famous Tupac Shakur death occurred on the 7th day of September in the year of 1996. In this outline on this mysterious death, you will learn important facts pertaining to the case.

Tupac Shakur started the night of September 7th by attending a boxing match at the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The match was between the professionals Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon. Once the match was over someone informed Tupac that a member of the gang known as the Southside Crips was located in the lobby. The gang member spotted was Orlando Anderson. He was known on the street as “Baby Lane”. Tupac and several individuals with him proceeded to the lobby and attacked Orlando Anderson. The fight was actually captured on the cameras that monitored the lobby of the hotel.

Once the attack was over, Tupac joined his close associate, Suge, in visiting a club that was owned by Death Row. It was called “Club 662”. They arrived at the club in a sedan that was black in color. Many vehicles joined the sedan at the club – all rumored to be part of the group traveling with Shakur for a night of fun and entertainment. At approximately 10:55pm, the vehicle halted at a red light. Tupac rolled down the window on the side of the vehicle that he was in, and a photographer snapped a picture of him. This was the last picture taken of the musician prior to his death. Unknown to the photographer, he would be killed just twenty minutes following the snapshot.

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