The Tylenol Murders

The Tylenol Murders have been considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the unsolved crimes category for over two decades.

In the year of 1982, seven different people passed away due to the fact that they took capsules for pain-relief that had actually been poisoned. The Tylenol poisonings have been referred to as "TYMURS" as a code name by the FBI for the purpose and intent of the investigation. These murders occurred in the Chicago area in the fall of 1982.

The victims of the Tylenol Murders engaged in the act of taking the "Extra-Strength Tylenol" product. Unfortunately, the capsules contained a covering of potassium cyanide. On the 29th day of September a 12 year old girl that lived in Illinois in a small town called "Elk Grove Village"took one of the pills and died. Her name was Mary Kellerman. Not too long after this occurred, a person by the name of Adam Janus that lived in the area of Arlington Heights in the State of Illinois also died. His brother and sister-in-law also took from the same bottle of Tylenol and died immediately following Adam’s funeral.

The next three victims of the Tylenol Murders were Mary McFarland, Paula Prince, and Mary Reiner. The investigators were initially perplexed, but once they discovered that all of the individuals had taken the same type of Tylenol, they immediately broadcasted warnings to individuals in the United States. It was established that the bottles were all distributed from many different factories. This meant that the person or people responsible for the crime likely subjected the medication to the poisoning by the stores in which the medication was sold.

At the time, it was believed that nearly 32 million bottles of the Tylenol was in circulation in the United States. Johnson & Johnson immediately recalled the products on a nationwide level and informed hospitals and other retailers of the medication to stop advertising the medicine. Today, the Tylenol poisonings are still considered to be unsolved. However, there was a man named James W. Lewis that had sent a letter stating that the murders would stop if he was issued 1 million dollars. It was established that he did not commit the crime, but he was charged with extortion for demanding the money.

There is a $100,000.00 reward still in place for the individual who provides law enforcement officials with the necessary information to find and convict the person or group responsible for the Tylenol Murders. However, no one has come forward as of yet. In the year 2009, a FBI spokesperson released the following statement: "We’ll have something to release later possibly". However, to date, no information has been released on the poisonings. For now, this unsolved crime is still considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the United States.

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