The Most Common Types of Vampires

"The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him."
~Garrett Fort~

According to mythological and folkloric stories, there are many common types of vampires. These beings have intrigued individuals all throughout history. There are several that believe that there are real life vampires, while others believe Types of Vampiresthat these beings are the result of a spark of creativity within the imagination of man. Many cultures worldwide have documented what appear to be vampire facts all the way back to the prehistoric era. The history of vampires provides us with a lot of information on the beings. However, the word “Vampire” was first introduced to the world during the time of the eighteenth century. It was during this time period when the belief of these beings was at their height in various regions such as Europe and the Balkans. Individuals in this region became so convinced that there were real life vampires that they started accusing normal citizens of practicing vampirism and even started placing stakes in the corpses. Throughout the history of vampires, many have expressed the fact that there are many types of vampires. In this guide, you will be introduced to these vampirism variations.

Mythical Vampires

Mythical Vampires were once considered to be real life vampires. It was during the Middle Ages that many individuals believed that there were beings that were essentially corpses that were able to survive both spiritually and physiologically by feeding on the blood of beings that were considered to be living. Individuals believed that these beings were characterized by a nature that was demonic based. Based on the vampire facts of this time period, it was believed that these types of vampires were directly influenced and led by Satan. The purpose and intent of their creation was to assist in spreading evil throughout the secular world. These types of vampires are said to require the blood of humans in order to maintain their immortal nature. It is believed that if they fail to acquire the blood that provides their spirit with the nutrition to engage in their mission, it could lead to their eternal demise. Throughout the history of vampires, these types are considered to be the most popular type according to vampire facts obtained from various sources.

Psychic Vampires

Out of all the different types of vampires that are said to exist, many find Psychic Vampires to be one of the most intriguing types. Rather than feeding on the blood of humans, these beings feed on the life-energy and/or emotions of those around them. These types of vampires are not considered to be immortal. These beings are living people – just like you and I. While many Psychic Vampires have the ability to consciously drain the energy and emotions of others, there are many that do this in an unconscious manner. Many inherit the ability to drain the energy of others. However, it is believed that many acquire this ability by meditating or even taking drugs that are known to alter the mind to one degree or another. These types of vampires are further broken down into two classes. One class is known as the “Astral Vampire” and the other is known as the “Magnetic Vampire”. Because of the fact that these types of vampires are considered to be real life vampires, they are considered to be the most threatening.

Human Living Vampires

While covering types of vampires, we feel it is important to cover the type known as “Human Living Vampires” or “HLVs”. These are actually humans that believe that they possess vampire characteristics. These individuals may have a particular need, an unusual compulsion or even a particular tendency to engage in the feeding process that vampirism based entities are often associated with. These individuals feel that they must have a certain type of substance or some type of energy in order to survive in the life that they have created for themselves. The individuals that crave blood or lust after blood are typically referred to as “Sanguinarians”. Real life vampires that crave or lust after energy are often referred to as “Psychic Vampires” or as “Psi-Vampires”. These individuals do not claim to be immortal or possess abilities that are considered to be supernatural. However, many claim that they experience amplification as far as their senses are concerned. Throughout the history of vampires, there has nearly always been a group of people that believe that they qualify as HLVs.

Animal Vampires

There are many different types of animals that are considered to be vampires. According to the vampire facts that we have stumbled upon, it has been determined that some of the animals considered to possess vampire like qualities are real, while others are considered to be mythical creatures. The following outlines some of the creatures that may be identified as vampires:

Chupacabra – This is a relatively small creature that is believed to feed on the blood that is contained within small animals. Additionally, the creatures are said to have a taste for human blood. However, they typically only target small humans.

Ethiopian Death Birds – These animals are similar to vampire bats, but are characterized as being much larger. It is believed that they feed on blood, but many consider these stories to be folkloric in nature.

Vampire Bats – These bats are considered to be relatively small in nature. It has been established that they do not require blood as a sole source of nutrition, but that they have many characteristics that are similar to vampires – such as distinctive teeth.


There are many types of vampires according to individuals that study these beings. There are many vampire facts that educate us on the fact that there is no such thing as one variation as far as vampires are concerned. According to stories that portray real life vampires, these beings may be dead, living or even animals. The types of vampires that have been included in this guide are considered to be the most common. However, there are several other types that have been distinguished throughout history as well. Examples of these types include, but are not limited to, “Empathic Vampires”, “Soul Vampires”, “Dreamscape Vampires”, “Mulos”, “Feral Vampires”, “Daywalker Vampires”, “Medical Vampires” and “Psychotic Vampires”. The history of vampires is considered to be rich and intriguing. While we are not certain if there are real life vampires, we are sure that the types of vampires outlined in this guide are considered to be some of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the world.

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