Unsolved Crimes

Many unsolved crimes remain open throughout the United States and other locations of the world.

Investigators and others that work to solve these cases will express the fact that there are millions upon millions of crimes that they consider to be some of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. If you are interested in learning about the events surrounding particular crimes, or playing your part in assisting officials to solve the crimes that remain open worldwide, you are sure to enjoy the resources that we place on this page of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries.

It is not uncommon for case files and evidence to be stored away in the dark, eerie corners of law enforcement agencies to be simply forgotten as time progresses. It is common for individuals who have been subjected to a crime through the means of a loved one to put all of their efforts into finding answers to these crimes so that they may reach closure. In this area of our website, we are pulling out all those dusty case files from storage, cleaning off the debris that has collected on them throughout history and putting them up for you to read about.

If you have an interest in gathering details about crimes, or learning about famous criminal cases throughout history, you will be able to do so. We will be posting information about unsolved mysteries surrounding potential serial killers, missing persons both young and old, and several other types of crimes. Be certain to bookmark this page and visit us frequently.

The Alphabet Killer
The identity of the alphabet killer is considered to be one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the United States.

The Black Dahlia
The Black Dahlia is considered to be one of the most popular unsolved murder mysteries of all time.

D. B. Cooper
Did D. B. Cooper die on his headlong jump from the plane or did the audacious hijacker get the second chance at life he seemed to be seeking –with two hundred thousand dollars to help him to start over?

The Mysterious Tupac Shakur Death
The Tupac Shakur death is still considered to be a mystery despite the fact that several individuals have attempted to confess to the murder.

The Tylenol Murders
The Tylenol Murders have been considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the unsolved crimes category for over two decades.

The Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac Killer has been referred to as the most "elusive serial killer" in the State of California.

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D. B. Cooper

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