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Welcome to Greatest Unsolved Mysteries. There are many mysteries that plague the individuals of the world.

In all actuality, life in itself is considered to be quite mysterious. Many of the mysteries that keep us wondering, asking questions, and striving to learn more about our world are simply amusing, while others actually define cultures, beliefs, and the generations that come in and out of the world. Many of the world's greatest mysteries have perplexed individuals all throughout history. There are numerous interesting and scientific theories that surround most of the unexplained mysteries of the world, and while it is believed that solutions to the curiosities of the living will one day render themselves known, they remain to be puzzling to the people of today.

Throughout this website, you will learn about many different types of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. You will be able to travel to the inexplicable Bermuda Triangle zone and learn of the puzzling disappearances and mystifying events that have taken place there. You will learn about the unexplained mysteries surrounding the concept of unidentified flying objects, as well as stories surrounding direct interaction with alien beings often associated with UFOs. You will discover amazing facts associated with strange, mythical, and mysterious creatures in our cryptozoology section. This area will highlight fascinating animals such as bigfoot and the enigmatic mothman.

In our paranormal section, you will be introduced to the shadow people, and the types of hauntings that have baffled humans all throughout history. You will learn of the haunted places located throughout the world. This includes the history and the personal experiences that involve those locations. You may even discover a haunted location near where you reside! We will also provide you with information on conspiracies, missing persons, and unsolved crimes. You may even find that you have the information that holds the key to solving these greatest mysteries!

As you can see, here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, we aim to provide you with all the information that you need to research those unexplained mysteries that have held the attention of individuals throughout history. This is your one stop source on the mystifying, the bizarre, the unexplained, the unsolved, the puzzling, and the weird! Once again, welcome to Greatest Unsolved Mysteries! Be certain to bookmark this page as we are consistently adding new, updated material to keep you in the "know" in the land of the unknown...

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Ancient Mysteries Of The World
Ancient mysteries continue to be a popular subject among people all over the world. In this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will be introduced to several mysteries that surround the people
Angels Mysteries
Angels are believed to be spiritual, but many individuals believe that they have the ability to appear to people in the form of a human. In this area of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, the ambiguit
The Bermuda Triangle Zones Greatest Unsolved Mysteries
The Bermuda Triangle has long been known as a place that holds great mystery. Sit back and enjoy learning about the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle zone.
Cryptozoology - The Study Of Hidden Animals
Through Cryptozoology the world has been introduced to several mythical, magical, and mysterious creatures.In this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will be introduced to several of these...
Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Theories - We know that many of our readers are interested in the numerous conspiracies that have been said to have occurred throughout history and those that are said to still be occurring
Demon Spirits
Demon spirits are spiritual beings that are supernatural in basis. These beings are typically identified in various religions, stories of mythology, folklore and even in occultism. These beings ar
Haunted Cities
There are several haunted cities located around the world according to a large number of ghost investigators. These are towns where the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world are the
Haunted Homes
Popular haunted homes throughout the world. It has been established that just over one third, but less than half, of all the individuals that reside in the United States believe in ghosts and other ty
Haunted Hospitals
Haunted hospitals have attracted the attention of ghost hunters for several years now. While there are many different types of structures that seem to have an unusual amount of paranormal activity, it
Haunted Jails
There are several haunted jails located around the world according to a large number of ghost investigators. Throughout the years, many legends and real life ghost stories have circulated these struct
Haunted Land
Haunted land throughout the world including battlegrounds, graveyards and cemeteries. Ghost investigators that have a true passion for establishing proof of ghosts often spend countless nights on the
Haunted Lighthouses
Do the haunted lighthouses of the world light the path to the spiritual world? This continues to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the paranormal world.
Haunted Lodging
Haunted lodging establishments have intrigued us all throughout history. Throughout the years, many individuals have shared their stories of paranormal phenomenon associated with hotels, inns, and var
Haunted Routes
Haunted routes throughout the United States and other locations around the world have captured the attention of many paranormal investigators. Throughout this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, y
Haunted Schools
Many haunted schools once served as hospitals, prisons, and other buildings that have harbored a high level of emotions and tragic events. There are many reasons why an educational facility may be hau
Haunted Vessels - Ghost Ships
Haunted vessels have recently gained an immense level of popularity among ghost investigators thanks to televised shows such as Ghost Hunters showing investigations on boats and ships that are believe
Ghostly Tales of Haunted Hollywood
In haunted Hollywood, the spotlight never dims and the curtains never close. If you are interested in the mysteries that surround the dead, you will thoroughly enjoy our coverage of hauntings in Holly
Medical Mysteries
Medical mysteries plague millions of doctors worldwide on an annual basis. In this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, we will be focusing on unsolved medical mysteries. You will be introduced to
Missing Persons
Missing persons cases are reported and investigated daily. Throughout the history of the world, millions have come up missing. Here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will be introduced to severa
Unexplained Deaths
Unexplained deaths are very common when it comes to our world. When unexplained deaths occur, this simply heightens the enigma that surrounds the cessation of life. The deaths that you will learn abou
Mythical Creatures
Mythical creatures have always retained the fascination of the people during all phases of history. Throughout this page on Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, we will cover a wide range of creatures that...
Paranormal Unsolved Mysteries
There are many unsolved mysteries when it comes to the paranormal. The topics of spirits, ghosts, and other entities from beyond the grave have appealed to mankind all throughout history....
Famous Prophecies
Famous prophecies - When it comes to phrophecies, there has never been such a wide fascination among people around the world as there is today. We believe that a large part of this new found interest
UFO Mysteries
Many UFO mysteries have been recorded throught history. On these pages, you will learn about secret organizations that are said to be related to UFOs and the possibility of aliens, and the stories....
Greatest Mysteries - Unsolved Crimes
Many unsolved crimes remain open throughout the United States and other locations of the world. Here you can learn about some of the most famous unsolved crimes in history.
Famous Urban Legends
Many famous urban legends are part of our current world. These urban legends are known as urban myths and even as urban tales. Here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will discover many differe
Real Life Vampires – Fact or Fiction?
Do real life vampires exist? This continues to remain one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Here you will find many unique vampire stories and an assortment of vampire facts.
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Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Site Map-Your guide to some of the worlds greatest unsolved mysteries.
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