Bible Prophecy

Is Bible prophecy coming true today? Yes, it is. Is there something about these prophecies in today’s news? Yes, there are stories in the news today surrounding prophecies outlined in the Bible. Is it possible to learn how to understand these prophecies? In short, the answer is “yes”!


Why Are People So Interested in the Prophecies of the Bible Today?

Currently, there is an intense fascination throughout the world with Bible prophecy – especially end of days prophecies. The heightened interest stems from the overall uncertainty with the times that we are currently in. A worldwide pandemic, contentious strife among various groups of people, and high levels of political instability are just a few of the issues that humanity currently faces.


The Bible Provides All of the Answers 

All around the world, various societies face multiple threats. These include rampant crime, civil unrest, governmental-based turmoil, and declining morals. We all want answers. We are in extremely turbulent times. Now – more than ever before – people are turning to the Bible in an effort to find these answers.


The Bible is the Ultimate Source of Knowledge

Our world offers us many conveniences. These include access to a multitude of modern technologies such as computers, artificial intelligence, and smart devices. Despite these advanced products and their capabilities, humanity still chooses to turn to the Bible – a book composed thousands of years prior to now – for the answers to the questions of what, where, when, who, how, and why.


The Bible Provides Prophetic Passages That Are of a Divine Origin

Approximately 28% of the entire Bible is prophetic in nature. Being a book of divine origin and having prophetic-based scriptures within nearly every single book contained therein, the Bible truly is the place to turn to in order to in order to uncover the answers that we seek. In this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, we will share a wide assortment of topics for those that seek to uncover the basis of end of days Bible prophecy.


Preparing for the Arrival of Jesus Christ

You will learn who’s who in Bible prophecy, what’s what, and the where, when, how, and why of the prophecies contained in the Holy Book. It is our hope that you will be inspired to search out the scriptures in the Bible so that your mind gains knowledge, your heart is blessed, and your hope is strengthened by God’s love for us and the future arrival of his son, Jesus Christ.


What is Prophecy?

Prophecy has been defined as the unique act of foretelling of the events that will occur or transpire within the future. It is – in short – a subject matter pertaining to and outlining predictions. All prophecies are defined by one of three types. These are identified as interpretive, divine inspiration, and revelation.


You Can Understand Bible Prophecy

The Bible covers all three and are designed to alert, warn, and advise so that we may prepare ourselves. According to Bible prophecy, we are all to keep watching, to be ready, and to serve until the arrival of Jesus. Continue reading the articles below so that you can understand Bible prophecy and how it impacts the world, our lives, and that which awaits us after we transition from the physical world to the spiritual world.


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