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We would like to welcome you to Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, a website dedicated to providing you with insight to the various mysteries that have drawn the interest of individuals throughout history and throughout every location of the world. In this virtual compendium, you will discover a large assortment of the world’s most intriguing conundrums. You will be introduced to the strange quirkiness of the natural world, to suspenseful supernatural events, to puzzling paranormal phenomena.

If you are an individual that is enticed by the mysteries of the universe, the perplexity of life, and you have a highly inquisitive nature, Greatest Unsolved Mysteries is for you! The unsolved mysteries of the world keep us wondering, keep us asking questions, and keep us striving to learn more about the world that we are part of, and the worlds that may exist beyond our own. The real unsolved mysteries outlined throughout this website may be a simple amusement to some, define cultural beliefs for others, and spark intrigue among generations.


Here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, we have put together a collection of unique and scintillating stories on a highly diverse range of topics that have been known to defy all explanation, mystify man, and exceed that which our imaginations can comprehend. For centuries, mankind has been known to embark on journeys – both physical and philosophical – in a vain attempt to solve the unsolved mysteries of the world. Today, as you browse here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries to discover the real unsolved mysteries for yourself, you are initiating your journey.


You will travel to the Bermuda Triangle zone and explore the inexplicable events that have occurred there. You will learn about unexplained mysteries surrounding unidentified flying objects and learn of direct interactions with aliens that are believed to travel by those UFOs. In our cryptozoology section, you will discover astonishing facts concerning strange, mythical, and highly mysterious creatures, such as the Mothman and Bigfoot.


In our paranormal section here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will be introduced to the shadow people and chilling tales associated with human contact with the deceased. As the living, we have always had an ever-enduring fascination with the fact that ghosts and other types of spirits exist. In fact, innumerable books, television shows, movies, documentaries, and other forms of media exist in our world that explore the possibility that some form of spiritual life exists after our passing from this physical world. By exploring the unsolved mysteries of the world in our ghostly section, you will learn about the types of spirits that are said to abound, where those spirits make their presence known, and how the hauntings have affected and continue to affect people today.


Other real unsolved mysteries that we cover here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries include cases surrounding missing people, the mysterious deaths of certain individuals, the case facts and clues involving unsolved crimes, the tales surrounding popular urban legends, prophecies that have been proclaimed throughout history, information on angels and demons, and amazing information on popular conspiracies.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information that you require to learn about and research the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. This is your one stop source on the amazing, the bizarre, the puzzling, the unexplained, the unsolved, and the weird! We provide you with a key to unlock the door to the “fifth dimension” often mentioned by Rod Sterling. We encourage you to step in the midst of the light and of the shadow. We dare you to explore the pit of fears and the summit that consists of knowledge.

Greatest Unsolved Mysteries invites you to start the journey that will have you questioning science and hypothesizing superstition….

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