Medical Mysteries

Medical mysteries include a wide assortment of symptoms, syndromes, illnesses, and diseases that boggle the minds of medical professionals and impact millions, worldwide. History is long-filled with amazing oddities, mind-blowing enigmas, unexplained events, and miraculous recoveries associated with the human body.


Medical Mysteries Continue to Perplex Professionals

Despite our technological advancements and all that we know about the human body, modern medicine is still struggling to gain an understanding of the rare, the mysterious, and the complex. Medical mysteries are now becoming increasingly common.


So much – in fact – that the National Institutes of Health in the State of Maryland established an Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP). Today, additional sites are now in place in Houston, North Carolina, California, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.


Examples of Medical Mysteries That Have Baffled the World

Examples of the medical mysteries that have become known throughout history include people that do not age or grow, those that feel constant pain and those that feel no pain at all, bodies being covered in warts that resemble the bark of trees, and locking muscles that leave patients paralyzed and in intense pain for several hours at a time.


We know and understand that many are fascinated with the medical mysteries that perplex the mind. You may be experiencing a medical mystery or know someone else that is suffering – in one way or another. Those are the reasons why we here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries have included this section in our dossier of unsolved mysteries.


Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Medical Disclaimer

We are not medical professionals. We simply hold a fascination for all types of mysteries. The information contained on this website should not be used to diagnose or treat any symptom, condition, illness, or disease. If you are suffering health-related issues, consult with a medical doctor. These professionals are the only ones who may successfully diagnose and treat your condition.


Explore the Unknown, the Unexplained, and Unsolved Today

If you have a passion for the unknown, unexplained, and the unsolved, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and continue below to learn about many of the amazing and baffling medical mysteries that have made themselves known in our world.


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