Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures have always attracted a certain sense of fascination among people throughout all phases of our history. Even in today’s world, these legendary creatures are considered to be highly intriguing – capture the minds, the hearts, and imaginations of many.


Mythical Creatures are Brought to Life Through the Minds of Believers

The world is full of stories about fantastic and awe-inspiring beings. Humans from every area of the world and all throughout history – who were inspired by biological animals and the discovery of certain fossils – have created and brought mythical creatures to life. Many in stories, several in songs, and detailed works of art.


Today, these mythical creatures continue to thrill us, to entertain us, to inspire us, and even terrify us. Examples include the soaring and magical phoenix to the fire-breathing powerful dragon. These mythical creatures shape the intimate dreams, immense hopes, and greatest fears of the human population.


Mythical Creatures Play a Large Role in the Histories of All Areas of the World

Mythical creatures are outlined in the Holy Bible. They are mentioned in Greek Mythology. They abound in the histories of all continents on the face of the Earth. They include various types of slithering serpents, gorgeous unicorns that captivate the heart and soul, those that are half-human and half-beast, sea creatures, and mighty sky beasts.


Your One-Stop Resource on the Marvelous Mythical Creatures of the World

If you have a passion for mythical creatures, it is quite likely that you have spent countless hours scanning and digesting information from books, digests, and other resources to soak up as much information as possible on these amazing beings. You will be pleased to know that here at Greatest Unsolved Mysteries we have made it a goal to create a one-stop ultimate resource guide on mythical creatures.


The Comprehensive Mysteries of Mythical Creatures 

As you explore the content in this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will discover a large assortment of beings that defy the norm, mystify the mind, and entice the curious. By exploring the articles and guides outlined below, you can experience these fascinating mythical creatures firsthand. You will also gain insight into the wonderfully delightful mysteries surrounding each of them.


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