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Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Mystery of Atlantis
What Did Atlantis Look Like?
The Aztec Sun Stone
The Colossus of Rhodes
Easter Island Mysteries
The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon
The Curse of King Tut
The Lighthouse Of Alexandria
The Great Pyramid Of Giza
Haitian Voodoo
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
The Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism
The Piri Reis Map
The Ancient City of Petra
The Temple of Artemis


Types of Angels
Michael the Archangel

The Bermuda Triangle And It's Mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle Location
The Devils Triangle
The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 19
Mystery of the Yacht Named "Witchcraft"
The Electronic Fog of the Bermuda Triangle
The USS Cyclops Unsolved Mystery

Conspiracy Theories

The Apollo Project
FEMA Camps
Illuminati Symbols
John Lennon Death
Karen Silkwood - The Kerr-McGee Story
The Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination
The 911 Conspiracy Theories of Flight 93


Chupcabara Sightings
The Dover Demon
The Jersey Devil
The Loveland Frog
The Mongolian Death Worm
The Mothman Sightings
The Owlman
The Skunk Ape
The Montauk Monster Mystery Creature

Demon Spirits

Demonic Possession
Evil Curses - Demonic Oppression
Demon Powers
Demonic Hauntings-The Anneliese Michel Story
Learn the Signs of a Demon Haunting
Demonic Haunting Associated with an Ouija Board
The DeFeo Murders

Famous Prophecies

Identity of the Antichrist
The 2012 Doomsday Phenomenon

Haunted Cities

The City of St. Augustine
The City of Cassadaga

Haunted Hollywood

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Haunted Homes

The Amityville Horror House
The Donaldson House
The LaLaurie House
The Winchester Haunted House
Real Haunted Places in St. Augustine, Florida

Haunted Hospitals

Norwich State Hospital
Pennhurst Asylum
Waverly Hills Sanatorium Hauntings

Haunted Jails

Eastern State Penitentiary Paranormal Mysteries
The Old Jail in St. Augustine, FL

Haunted Lands

Gettysburg Ghosts

Haunted Lighthouses

The St. Augustine Lighthouse

Haunted Lodging

The Rawls Hotel
The Lemp Mansion
The Myrtles Plantation Haunted Mysteries

Haunted Routes

The Hornet Spook Light
The Marfa Lights
The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Haunted Schools

Flagler College
Ghost Adventures at the University of Florida
St. Mary's College
Moorhood High School
Lambertville High School

Haunted Vessels

The Ghosts Of The Queen Mary
The Mary Celeste Mystery
The USS Olympia

Medical Mysteries

Mystery Diagnosis - Cold Urticaria
Mermaid Syndrome - A Modern Medical Mystery
The Mysterious Agent Orange Side Effects
The Swine Flu
H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination Mystery
Disembarkment Syndrome
The Tree Man
Cri Du Chat Syndrome - One of the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries
Fatal Familial Insomnia
Klinefelter Syndrome Medical Mysteries
Sarcoidosis - One of the Top Medical Oddities of the Millennium
White Coat Syndrome
Restless Leg Syndrome
Sundown Syndrome Mysteries

Missing Persons

Missing Persons Statistics
The Billy Smolinski Missing Person Case
The Lindbergh Baby
Amelia Earhart

Mythical Creatures

The Banshee Of Ireland
Evil Fairies
History of the werewolf
Greek Mythology Minotaur
The Tikbalang

The Paranormal

Who Are The Shadow People?
Shadow People: Theories behind the Unexplained Phenomenon
The Bell Witch
The Black Hope Curse
Haunted Places in Connecticut
The Ghost Blimp
Robert the Haunted Doll

UFO Mysteries

Crop Circles
Crop Circles in the U.K.
The Mystery of the Dropa Stones
The Men In Black
Black Triangle UFO's
The Fourth Kind - Alien Abduction
Types of UFO Aliens: Greys
Airplane Passenger UFO Sightings
Area 51
Dark UFO Sightings
The Starchild Skull
The Roswell New Mexico UFO Mystery

Unexplained Deaths

Marilyn Monroe
Natalie Wood

Unsolved Crimes

The Alphabet Killer
The Black Dahlia
D. B. Cooper
The Mysterious Tupac Shakur Death
The Tylenol Murders
The Zodiac Killer

Urban Legends

The Legend of Bloody Mary
The Headless Horseman
Spring Heeled Jack


The History Of Vampires
Types of Vampires
The Highgate Vampire Mystery

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