The Electronic Fog of the Bermuda Triangle

There is a strange phenomenon that is said to take place in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle zone. This mysterious event is referred to as "Electronic Fog". A man by the name of Bruce Gernon discovered this event. As a matter of fact, it is believed that he is the only person to have actually experienced it firsthand and lived to tell about it. When the electronic fog of the Bermuda Triangle zone caught the attention of Gernon it was as he was flying over the region. To date, he has personally experienced the electronic fog twice over a period of three decades.

The electronic fog that is described by Bruce Gernon is considered to be a meteorological based phenomenon. It is believed that it is the leading cause for the many disappearances of aircraft, water vessels, and individuals throughout history. As Gernon, his father, and a guest flew over the Bermuda Triangle zone, they approached a unique looking cloud that appeared to be in formation. This occurred in the year of 1970. As the aircraft drew closer to the cloud, Gernon noticed that it seemed to be quite fast and ominous looking. He realized at that point that if he entered into the cloud, it could endanger him and the others on his flight.

Unfortunately, as he attempted to quickly think of a flying maneuver that would remove them from any possible danger, he noticed that a different cloud was forming behind the airplane. At this point, he and his passengers realized that the aircraft was literally being engulfed by these two clouds. The clouds were surrounding the craft as if literally drawn to it. He saw that a tunnel started to develop and that the clouds were moving at such a high rate it was best to travel forward. He did his best to hold the aircraft steady and continued through the tunnel of ominous clouds. As the aircraft progressed through the tunnel, it formed a vortex and spiral shapes became apparent. Weightlessness was experienced and even the compass of the craft appeared to be malfunctioning.

Finally, the end of the spiraling cloud tunnel was drawing near...Bruce Gernon and his flight partners were relieved as it appeared that the cloud was closing in on them and that they would never escape. As they reached the point in which they were no longer engulfed in the frightening tunnel, they noticed they had many complications with the equipment that assisted them in the navigational process. They attempted to call in to a dispatcher, but were told that they were not visible on the air radar. As they looked up, they stared into what appeared to be a vast area of nothingness. It was much like fog, only everything could be seen and there was nothing. They knew at that point that they were experiencing what so many others had experienced before them - the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle zone.

The electronic fog of the Bermuda Triangle zone had done more than scare the members of the flight, and cause their navigational devices to malfunction. It also appeared to push them forward in time! A trip that they typically made in about 75 minutes time had been made in a less than 35 minutes! While only in the spiraling tunnel of electronic fog for a few minutes, they had just traveled an amazing 40 minutes in time without even realizing it until the air controllers at Miami informed them that they had finally been identified on the radar and were at the beach!

The electronic fog is now considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle zone...

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