The Bermuda Triangle Mystery of the Yacht Named "Witchcraft"

The Bermuda Triangle mystery of the yacht named "Witchcraft" started on the 22nd day in December in the year of 1967. An avid yachtsman by the name of Dan Burack and Father Patrick Horgan decided to set sail in the 23 foot luxury yacht. It was a trip where the two would enjoy the magnificent holiday lights off the coast of Miami. The goal was to navigate just a short distance and then observe the spectacular lighting up around the city. Unfortunately, by the time the yacht reached the buoy identified as "7", the yacht named "Witchcraft" had already experienced some difficulty. This was just less than one mile total from the marina that the water vessel had set sail from.

Dan Burack had come in contact with something below the water. He did not discover any immediate threat, but seemed to realize that the rudder of the yacht, or possibly the propeller system had been damaged in the hit. However, it appeared that the actual hull was preserved. Burack made a call to the RCC in Miami and explained that he would need manually assistance to the marina that he left from. He also indicated that the "Witchcraft" was not experiencing an emergency. Individuals that received his call recalled that he was calm and composed. They did not feel, based on the sound of his voice, that there was immediate concern, though they dispatched assistance as soon as possible. The call was made at 9:00PM.

At this point, dispatchers did not consider this to be another Bermuda Triangle mystery. It was not until their arrival, just nineteen minutes after the call was received from Burack called in, did they find the situation a bit particular. Many in the area knew that the "Witchcraft" was designed with a specially built floatation device. The luxury yacht was considered to be "unsinkable". However, when help arrived - the "Witchcraft" was nowhere in sight. As a matter of fact, there was no evidence that the yacht had experienced a struggle, and no appearance that a yacht had ever even been present! It was at this point that the "Witchcraft" became the next Bermuda Triangle mystery.

The Miami Coast Guard could not explain the mysterious disappearance of the yacht. They never received any type of additional calls for assistance from the "Witchcraft". They placed an alert among all water vessels to keep their eyes peeled for the cruiser. An in-depth search of twelve hundred square miles was conducted to no avail of Burack, the priest, or his beloved "Witchcraft". Despite the fact that fifty miles worth of water vessels were watching for the boat, no one witnessed it anywhere. Eventually, an amazing twenty four thousand five hundred square miles would be searched over a period of six days. It appeared the "Witchcraft" was, in fact, the next Bermuda Triangle mystery. The Miami Coast Guard was quoted in saying: "They are presumed missing, but not lost at sea". It appears that the buoy 7 has a secret. A secret that it, the "Witchcraft", Burack, and his father know. Considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries, the "Witchcraft" is one of the that will remain to go unsolved...

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