Ghost in My Mother's House

by Alice De Ath
(Salisbury, England, UK)

When I was six years old my family moved into a bigger house. Almost straight away I noticed a presence, particularly while I was walking up or down the stairs. It felt as if there was someone behind me. My older sister also felt it. It was not particularly frightening but it made me feel uncomfortable and many times I found myself running up or down instead of walking, maybe out of nervousness.

We lived in the same house for years and my mother even lives there still, 32 years after we first moved in. At one point my mother and I lived there alone and on one occasion, when I was about 21 years old, I was sitting on the settee watching TV. It was evening time. The settee was against one wall, the TV being in front and slightly to the right. There was a door on the left of the settee that led into the hallway, stairs and kitchen.

The door was open, which was not unusual. Whilst I was sitting there, I saw out of the corner of my eye, a person come into the room, and stand to my left, just inside the doorway. As my mother often came in and hovered for a few moments while she looked at what I was watching on TV, this was not at all unusual, and I turned my head to say something to her. All of a sudden the figure darted back out of the doorway into the hall, before I could get a proper look at it. Only a couple of seconds later, I heard my mother calling to me from upstairs.

I immediately thought it must have been a ghost. My family had bought the house from an elderly man, whose wife had died in a car accident. A couple of days after my ghostly experience, my mother heard that the elderly man had died, on the day I saw my ghost. I have often wondered if the ghost was him, coming to see the house, or his wife, coming to fetch him. Either way I never saw or felt anything in the house from that day to this.

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