The 911 Conspiracy Theories of Flight 93

The 911 Conspiracy of Flight 93 has been the subject of debate among many for quite some time now. The United Airlines Flight 93 was originally scheduled to take off from Newark in New Jersey and to land in San Francisco in California. Unfortunately, a group of four hijackers overtook the aircraft on September 11th in the year of 2001 and it never arrived at its final destination. The aircraft actually crashed in a large field located in an area in Pennsylvania named Stonycreek Township. Original reports indicate that the 40 passengers on the aircraft died in the crash, and that the aircraft’s crew as well as the four hijackers also met their fate.

The conspiracy theorists have many explanations surrounding the events of Flight 93. These individuals believe that the events that transpired on that tragic day were permitted to happen by the United States Government. Many believe that it was a False Flag Operation". Those that are professionals in demolition of buildings claim that the World Trade Center collapse reflected that of an organized destruction, rather than that of a building crumbling under the strains of fire and impact. It is believed that the American Government wanted the citizens of the nation to believe that those in Afghanistan and Iraq were responsible so that they could invade those areas, control their natural resources such as oil, have a larger budget to dedicate to the military, and also to place restrictions on the liberties that are identified as "Civil".

The 911 conspiracy of Flight 93 is an area that draws particular interest to those that are interested in conspiracy theories. Despite the fact that the United States Government did full reports on all the incidents, recordings were released, and other forms of evidence were found, many believe that the story surrounding the aircraft has a bit more behind it than we will ever know. What we do know, based on official records, is that the famous terrorist group known as "Al-Qaeda" boarded and hijacked four individual commercial jets carrying passengers. Two of those jets took out the World Trade Center buildings, one took out a section of the Pentagon, and the last, Flight 93, crashed in Pennsylvania. It is believed that this jet may have been targeting the Whitehouse, but never made it due to the revolt against the hijackers by passengers in the aircraft.

The first 911 conspiracy of Flight 93 suggests that the passengers onboard the United Airlines flight gained the knowledge that the government either knew of the attacks and were allowing them to happen or that the passengers discovered that the United States Government was actually responsible for the attacks. As a result, the commercial airliner was then destroyed by a military aircraft in order to keep the citizens quiet. This comes from the fact that many heard a large explosion after seeing a white aircraft in the air with the commercial liner and then observed this flight leaving the scene once the crashed occurred. There is no evidence suggesting that the jet was "bombed" by this other aircraft, but there is evidence of a recording from the jet where the pilot stated to the passengers: "Ladies and gentlemen: here the captain, please sit down keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board. So, sit."

The next story often told by those that believe that there was a 911 conspiracy of Flight 93 is that the passengers were taken off the plane and another plane was sent in its place to make the public believe it was the same flight. It is believed that the passengers were murdered or hidden for other purposes by the United States Government and may still be alive today. Could the passengers be working for the government? Could they be at a special facility somewhere? Examples of some of the careers that the passengers had include an account manager for the Oracle Corporation, regional director for the Census Bureau of the United States, a vice president of a medical device company, an ironworker, a computer program designer, retired software developer of Bell Telephone, a computer engineer and more. Was there a 911 conspiracy of Flight 93? Based on records, no. Based on the belief of many, yes.

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