Interesting Facts Regarding the Bermuda Triangle Location

There are many interesting facts regarding the Bermuda Triangle location.

This region is located in the western area of the North section of the Atlantic Ocean. Many individuals refer to the region as the "Devil's Triangle" due to the fact that so many disappearances, unexplained phenomena, and other situations have occurred in the area. The Bermuda Triangle location has boundaries. These cover the area of the Straits of the State of Florida, the beautiful Bahamas, and the tropical islands of the Caribbean. In the Atlantic, the Bermuda Triangle is believed to extend out to the Azores. In this guide, you will learn many interesting facts regarding the Bermuda Triangle and its location.

On the 16th day of September in the year of 1950, an individual identified as E.V.W Jones composed an article that was published in the Associated Press. This is the most popular article regarding the Bermuda Triangle and mysteries in history because it included a detailed allegation regarding some cases of disappearances in the region. In the year of 1952, another writer by the name of George Sand was released in a magazine called "Fate". His article was titled "Sea Mystery at Our Back Door". In the article, Sand specifically highlighted various disappearances such as Flight 19. Sand's article was the very first to actually specify the Bermuda Triangle location and the supposed events that took place there.

George Sand gained an avid interest in the Bermuda Triangle location and established that the disappearance of numerous airplanes and water vessels were a result of some unknown supernatural force. By the time that 1962 rolled around, many were still interested in what happened to the five United States Navy bombers that were part of the training mission referred to as "Flight 19". The magazine called "American Legion" released an article specifying details related to the training mission. In this article, words from the leader heading up the training mission were quoted as having him saying: "We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don't know where we are, the water is green, no white".

Bermuda Triangle LocationWhen it comes to the Bermuda Triangle location, it has been established that the location is nonspecific. Basically, this means the location cannot be pinpointed specifically, but it is located west somewhere between 80 and 90 degrees and north somewhere between 30 and 20 degrees. One may discover the Bermuda Triangle just east of the coast of Florida as well as Puerto Rico. It has also been established that there is a small section off the coast of South Carolina. When visiting the Bermuda Triangle , you will find that the temperature ranges from 60 degrees to over 100 degrees. It is a relatively sunny place that does not experience typical seasons. Furthermore, winds of approximately 10MPH are experienced year round.

Many individuals feel as if the great unsolved mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle are related to magnetism levels in the area. There are some that believe that there is a portal that leads to a parallel universe. Many believe that the events are supernatural and may be related to aliens from other planets or UFO abductions. Many account the disappearances to treacherous rogue waves, tropical cyclones, and events similar in nature. Regardless of which is myth, or which is fact, the Bermuda Triangle location is a reality. A reality that many are still puzzled by.

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