The Bermuda Triangle Location

The Bermuda Triangle location has never been identified on any world map, globe, and has not been named as an official region by the U.S Board on Geographic Names; however, since the mid-19th century, individuals started taking note of unexplained occurrences that occurred in and around the region.


The name “Bermuda Triangle” was not introduced until the year of 1964. This is when an article written by Vincent Gaddis who included the phrase to describe a triangular- shaped region in the Atlantic Ocean that was known for the disappearance of numerous ships and aircraft.


What is the Bermuda Triangle Location? 

The Bermuda Triangle location is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. It goes from the Southeastern United States at Florida to Bermuda and then back to the Greater Antilles Islands of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Cuba, and Jamaica.


What are the Boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle Location? 

To date, the specific boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle has not been established. Many approximations estimate that the total area is anywhere from 500,000 square miles to a total of 1,510,000 square miles. Despite the differences in opinion regarding the total area of the region, all typically agree upon the triangular shape.


What Made the Bermuda Triangle Region Popular? 

Since the mid-19th century, many strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena occurred in the region believed to be the Bermuda Triangle. In the early 20th century, the USS Cyclops disappeared. Situations such as these definitely increased the popularity of the Bermuda Triangle; however, it became truly popular after the release of a book named The Bermuda Triangle in the year of 1974 by Charles Berlitz. In this book, Berlitz claimed that the island of Atlantis – which was lost – had a direct involvement in the disappearances and other unusual events of the area.


Do People Still Travel Through the Bermuda Triangle Location?

Yes, the area receives a massive amount of water and air traffic. The Bermuda Triangle is considered to be one of the most popular and heavily traveled of all shipping lanes located throughout the world. In the year of 2013, a study was conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that established that the Bermuda Triangle location is NOT one of the most dangerous bodies of water, in terms of shipping.


Are There More Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle Location Than Other Areas in the Atlantic Ocean? 

According to research, the Bermuda Triangle location does not have a higher concentration of disappearances than any other comparable locations situated in the Atlantic Ocean.


What is the Agonic Line in the Bermuda Triangle? 

The agonic line is not just in the Bermuda Triangle location. It is an invisible line that connects the magnetic poles of the North and the South. It is consistently moving West at a speed of approximately 12 miles each year. This line passed through the Bermuda Triangle in the early part of the 20th century.


Are There Natural Explanations for the Events That Take Place in the Bermuda Triangle Location? 

Yes, there are several natural explanations that could account for the disappearances and issues that have occurred in and around the Bermuda Triangle. First, it is an area that frequently experiences tropical storm systems and severe hurricanes. Additionally, the Gulf Stream passes through the area. This is a very strong current that is known to cause sharp, quick changes with the weather.


What is the Milwaukee Depth in the Bermuda Triangle Location? 

The Milwaukee Depth is the deepest point located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located inside of the Bermuda Triangle location. Inside of this area is the Puerto Rico Trench, which is nearly 27,5000 feet deep.



The Bermuda Triangle is also identified by some as the “Devil’s Triangle”. Currently, it is viewed as a mythical-based geographic region East of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean. To date, no extraordinary factors have been identified as the cause of all of the mysteries surrounding the location; however, there is a strong belief that those extraordinary factors do exist. The Bermuda Triangle is still and will remain to be one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.


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