Black Triangle UFO Mystery

The black triangle UFO mystery has perplexed many individuals for quite some time. The "Black Triangles" are considered to be a unique class description for a group of "Unidentified Flying Objects". From as early as the 1940s to today, individuals have reported seeing this type of UFO in the evening and night skies around the world. This type of UFO has been commonly reported throughout the United States. However, sightings have been reported in other locations of the world as well, such as Britain and even Russia.

While it is not at all uncommon for individuals to observe what they believe to be UFOs in the evening and night sky, sightings are often associated with only catching a brief glimpse of the air vessels. When it comes to the black triangle UFO mystery, what makes it highly unusual is that whoever is driving the aircraft seems to be unmoved by the fact that the population over the regions that they travel can easily observe them. As a matter of fact, these UFOs have been known to travel extremely low to the ground and at relatively slow speeds! Could it be that the people or beings traveling in these large vessels actually want to be seen?

Most reports involving these UFO's describe the aircraft being at least two hundred feet in length, and they are described as being extremely silent. Many have seen what appeared to be a type of small running type lights on each corner of the craft, while others have stated that they have not observed any lights on the bottom of the apparent spacecraft. Nine out of ten reports indicate that the air vessels move extremely slowly and often appear to hover in one place for extended periods of time. There are many that have actually observed the UFO moving slowly and then rapidly accelerating and disappearing very quickly.

One of the most popular reports regarding the black triangle UFO occurred in the area of Brussels on the 30th day of March in the year of 1990. The citizens of the area observed the aircraft hovering over the city and immediately contacted the officials. The law enforcement agency officials reported seeing the UFO moving slowly over the city. Immediately, the Belgian Air Force sent out numerous F-16s to pursue the aircraft. The pilots from the Air Force reported catching the vessel on radar, but then it would immediately dart ahead. Finally, the UFO sped out of sight.

The black triangle UFO mystery has perplexed government officials, military officials, scientists, and even individuals that study aircraft and possible UFOs. Could this aircraft be some sort of secret military aircraft? Could it be a spacecraft directed by aliens? At this point, this remains to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries as far as unidentified flying objects are concerned, but one of the most interesting ones to say the least.

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