Chupacabra Sightings

There have been numerous Chupacabra sightings throughout history. The name "Chupacabra" is a Spanish word, which basically means "Goat Sucker". This creature is believed to inhabit various sections of the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The mystery creature was given the name "Chupacabra" due to the fact that witnesses have stated that the animal attacks and then consumes the blood of livestock farm animals. This creature seems to prefer goats among all the farm animals that it indulges in.

Chupacabra sightings were first reported in Puerto Rico in the month of March of 1995. An attack occurred in which eight individual sheep were discovered dead. Each of the animals had a total of three unique puncture wounds in the area of the chest. The most ironic characteristic of the massive attack was that there was absolutely no blood left in any of the sheep. It appeared as if they had been drained of it, though there were only small traces of blood around the animals. In August of 1995, an individual by the name of Madelyne Tolentino reported that they observed the mystery creature in the town called "Canovanas" which is located in Puerto Rico. In that attack, it was estimated that an assortment of approximately one hundred and fifty different livestock farm animals were killed.

It is important to understand that similar events had taken place prior to the year of 1995. There were reports in the year of 1975 that many animals were murdered in a similar fashion in the town called "Moca". At first, the citizens believed that those involved in a satanic based cult committed the hideous crimes. However, it was eventually rumored that "The Vampire of Moca" or the "El Vampiro de Moca" was to blame. This, too, was a creature that was somewhat of a legend in the area. Today, it is believed that "The Vampire of Moca" is actually the "Chupacabra". Many countries in the world have actually reported Chupacabra sightings and incidents that they believe the mystery creature is responsible for. Examples of these countries include Argentina, Chile, Panama, Peru, and several others.

When it comes to Chupacabra sightings, witnesses have described the appearance of the mystery creature in many different ways. Many describe it to be a reptile that has scaly skin that is green and gray. These individuals nearly always state that it has what looks like sharp quills that extend down the length of its back. It is believed that the average size of the creature is three to four feet. It typically stands and is believed to hop a bit when moving from one area to another. Many claim that the mystery animal has devilish red, glowing eyes and it emits a vicious screech. It is said that the fangs and claws of the animal allows it to drain the blood and other parts of the prey’s body through very small holes that it creates in the animals that it attacks. There is no absolute evidence that this mystery creature exists, but many from around the world have personally contributed their stories as far as Chupacabra sightings are concerned. Legend or an actual being? This remains to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries to date.

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