Dark UFO Sightings

Several individuals have experienced dark UFO sightings in the United States. These darkly colored unidentified flying objects which typically appear out of nowhere and make their appearance known to individuals are quite frightening to those that experience them. Witnesses that observe the dark colored flying objects, which typically have a unique lighting source, find themselves questioning all that they have ever known as well as their perception when it comes to safety and security. Those that are subjected to such an experience often find that they are ridiculed when they share their experiences with others. The truth is, there is no physical evidence that states that these UFO sightings are false. For those that have witnessed them, they are very real.

One night in the month of January, many residents of a Texas town known as Stephenville experienced a dark UFO sighting. There was a vessel flying in the air over the town that was described as being an immense length. Many state that it was at least one mile in length. As it flew over the farms of the quiet town, there were elaborate lights that were red, yellow, and even colored white dancing over the crops from the unidentified flying object. Immediately behind the large UFO, there was a strict formation of fighter jets. It almost appeared as if the jets were either forcing it away from the town, or guiding it to another location.

Many individuals question the realism of dark UFO sightings. Many professionals in psychology and similar fields feel that when individuals live in an environment that is full of chaos or "noise" that they will often times perceive things that they observe in a very unique way. This basically means that if someone observes something unusual in the night sky, their brain will interpret it in a much larger way, and possibly even include details so that the individual may actually understand what they are seeing. In a world where the media reigns on depicting UFOs in the media in movies like "The Fourth Kind", "The Twilight Zone", and all those documentaries on unusual flying objects, it is believed that people simply piece what they see together with the media images that they know and then that is what leads them to believe that they are seeing a UFO.

The simple fact is, while this sounds like a reasonable theory, there are many factors that must go into consideration that would force a person’s brain to do this. Examples of these factors include age, social status, religious beliefs, personal experiences, and more. So, if this is the case, how is it that a large group of people in one town are able to report seeing the same dark UFO? The answer is that this is not possible. There are unidentified flying objects in our sky. It is true, many could be military test models and other types of aircraft – but how do we separate the true dark UFO from the military test model? A UFO sighting is reported at least once every three minutes in the world. Are we alone? This is yet another one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all times!

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