The Devils Triangle

Dubbed "The Devils Triangle," the area of the Atlantic Ocean in between the points of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, is known for its high number of oceanic tragedies. This has fueled a lot of speculative writing and documentaries dealing with explaining the mystery of such a geographic region. And even after two centuries of exploration of the region, the solution to these mysteries remains elusive.

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains one of the most frightening of all unexplained phenomena. The reason is that while no one can put their finger on the reasons why so many planes and ships disappear, we know that they have disappeared. This cannot be denied and it makes traveling through "The Devil's Triangle" can be a frightening proposition. And there have been some incredibly scary events that have occurred in this part of the world including:

The infamous events of December 5, 1945 where two separate plane disappearances resulted in the loss of over two dozen lives. Flight 19 suffered a loss of 14 crew members and PBM Mariner BuNo 59225 when out searching for Flight 19 when it was reported missing and ended up becoming lost itself during the search. This led to the loss of 13 crew members.

Probably the saddest case of a ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle was that of the USS Cyclops in 1918. The circumstances surrounding the loss of this ship are not completely known but the result was the loss of life of 300+ people on board.

Explanations for the mysteries of The Devil's Triangle range from the thoroughly bizarre themes such as UFO involvement to more logical conclusion such as the size of the region is so huge and is frequented by so many ships and planes, its number of tragedies is understandable.

Whatever the true answer to the mystery is, it is still currently unknown.

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