Disembarkment Syndrome Medical Mystery

Disembarkment Syndrome is a condition that results in an individual feeling as if they are consistently off balance, or in some cases, as if they are rocking. It is most commonly experienced after an individual has been on a water or air vessel. The brain allows an individual to successfully adapt to motion that is not experienced on a regular basis. For the individual that suffers from this syndrome, the adaptation to motion continues even when the person is no longer experiencing motion from an aircraft or a water vessel. Medical professionals refer to this condition as "Mal de Debarquement Syndrome". In this guide, you will learn about this medical mystery.

The Symptoms

There are many symptoms associated with this mysterious illness. When an individual experiences this syndrome, their symptoms may vary from mild to severe. The following indicates common symptoms that may or may not be experienced. It is important to understand that most that experience the medical mystery of Disembarkment Syndrome do not experience all of the symptoms outlined below at once:

· The most common symptom of the condition includes feeling as if the body is rocking or even swaying when there is no physical explanation for the sensation.

· Many individuals experience mild to severe disorientation and this is often accompanied by the inability to concentrate.

· Most patients experience complications with the vision in which objects appear to bounce or they appear to shimmer.

· There may be an increased sensitivity to light and possibly even to noise surrounding the sufferer of this mystery illness.

· Many may show signs of physical and mental fatigue.

· Those that experience the Disembarkment illness often discover that they are imbalanced and often stagger when they are walking.

· For many, the condition may result in anxiety, and varying degrees of depression.

· There may be pain in the head as well as the ear area. Many describe this as a general sense of fullness.

As you can see, there are many symptoms that accompany this strange and unusual condition. Medical doctors are perplexed by this condition, but they recognize it as an official medical condition. There are many different treatments available for Disembarkment Syndrome, but there is no official cure. The treatments are simply to soothe the symptoms associated with the disorder. For medical professionals, this illness is considered to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

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