The Dover Demon Mystery Creature

The Dover Demon mystery creature has been considered one of the most famous cryptozoology cases of Massachusetts since the year of 1977. This creature was originally spotted by a group of teenage males as they drove along a road in Norfolk County, Massachusetts called Farm Street. The driver of the vehicle was Bill Bartlett. It was a dark night as the boys made their way to their destination when suddenly the headlights of the vehicle allowed them to catch a glimpse of a relatively odd looking animal. Their first explanation was that it was a type of domestic animal. However, as they got closer to the proximity of the creature, they realized that it was something that they had never witnessed before. Throughout this cryptozoology guide, you will learn several facts pertaining to the case of the Dover Demon mystery creature.

Physical Characteristics

The teenage boys that spotted this creature found themselves absolutely fascinated by its overall appearance. They were thoroughly convinced that they were seeing something that was truly not of the world that they had grown in. As they watched the animal, they took note of the characteristics that it possessed. First, they noticed that the head of the mystery creature was quite large. It was so large, in fact, that it was disproportionate to the rest of its body. The head was oval shaped and the eyes glowed in an eerie orange and appeared to be glass-like in nature. The skin of the creature was void of all hair and had a rough appearance. The arms as well as the legs of the mystery creature were long and described as being thin by the teenagers.

Nearly immediately, the teenagers noticed that they could not specify any type of nose, nor could they identify ears on the creature. As a matter of fact, the Dover Demon did not even appear to have a mouth. As time progressed, more and more people claimed to have witnessed the same creature that the teenage boys that night. As more people made claims that something unusual was in and around the Dover, Massachusetts area, the stories regarding the animal’s physical appearance changed. Many, for example, claimed that the eyes were illuminated in green. Many claimed that the skin was smooth and tan in color. However, all witnesses claimed the same on the ears, the nose, and the mouth – that there were no visible sign of any. Additionally, all claimed that they could not tell if the Dover Demon was a male or female.

The Investigation

As more and more eye witness accounts started to occur, an investigation was conducted by various types of specialists. The Cryptozoologist that initially handled the case was the first person to actually identify the creature as the “Dover Demon”. This individual’s name was Loren Coleman. Once this specialist was able to spend a little time observing the witness accounts of the creature, three individuals that specialized in UFO studies in the area were brought in. This was an attempt to determine if the creature was considered to be an alien life form. Many theories started to abound concerning the identity of the animal.

The Theories

The investigators that spent time researching the Dover Demon developed many theories on what the animal could be. Of course, one of the first theories was that it was an alien. However, the possibility that it could have been an experiment that failed or escaped from a testing site was also considered. Then, theories started to abound that it could be possible that the creature was able to reach its location through the means of a warp from an alternative dimension. All of the witnesses to this particular creature were under the age of eighteen and many believe that it could have simply been a hoax. To this day, there have been no conclusions concerning the identity of the Dover Demon. This will continue to be considered one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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