The Dropa Stones Mystery

The story of the mysterious Dropa Stones originated in the late 1930s when a professor that specialized in studies surrounding archaeology named Chi Pu Tei led quite a few students on a special expedition. These individuals set out for the famous Himalayan Mountains. Little did the archaeologist enthusiasts know that they were about to stumble upon one of the most controversial discoveries in the world. When it comes to topics pertaining to UFOs, aliens, close encounters, and even conspiracies, the mystery of the Dropa Stones remains to be one of the most researched and highly debated. Throughout this guide on unsolved mysteries pertaining to UFO related artifacts, you will learn many important facts pertaining to the mysterious Dropa Stones that were apparently uncovered in caves that were part of the Himalayan Mountains.

The Expedition

When Professor Chi Pu Tei elected to set up an expedition for his archaeology students, his goal was to allow his students the ability to study many popular caves that were known to interlock with one another within the mountains of BayanKara-Ula. As the group entered the dark, mysterious caves, they were fascinated with the pristine natural beauty. Many were in awe of the structure and overall appearance of the caves. However, these characteristics were quickly forgotten when the class stumbled upon what appeared to be a type of tomb for the dead. There were quite a few graves contained in the cave. They could tell whoever created the graves, did it with care as they were perfectly aligned.

Upon further inspection, the expedition team discovered skeletal remains in the graves. The bones looked similar to those found in humans, but there were distinguishable characteristics among all that are not too familiar with the general human population. The students noticed that the skulls in each grave were relatively large. If only one person’s remains had been like this, it would not have appeared so unusual. That was not the case, though. All of the graves uncovered this common characteristic. In addition to the unusual head structure, the team noticed that the bodies were all very small in length. Furthermore, the arm bones and the bones of the legs of the remains appeared to be exceptionally thin. It was at that time that the students developed a theory that these could be the remains of a special type of race of humans.

The Discovery of the Dropa Stones

As the expedition team continued to research the skeletal remains within the cave, they found another discovery. One of the students noticed a relatively large circular stone. As more students got in on the search, many more of the circular stones were discovered. It has been reported that the first disk that was discovered had a diameter of nine inches and nearly an inch in thickness. In the middle of the stone, there was a center that was also nearly an inch in diameter and was perfectly cut. Upon further inspection, a type of spiral etching was found on the surface of the disk. The etching was identified as hieroglyphics, a special type of communication.

There were many attempts to uncover the meanings of the words contained on the Dropa Stones. Unfortunately, a revelation would not be made until over two decades later. A scientist from China was successful at decoding the script on the stones in the year of 1962. This scientist’s name was Dr. Tsum Um Nui. He knew the history of the disks and had always been intrigued by them. As a result of his curiosity, he set out to discover what they said. It was a challenging task as the language contained on the disks was unknown and the letters were microscopic in nature. In addition to this, they spiraled around the disks in a unique fashion.

The Amazing Translation

Dr. Tsum Um Nui eventually translated the stone that he had been researching and discovered that a group of people that identified themselves as “Dropa” placed the messages on the stones. However, the stones were believed to be approximately 12,000 years old and the message that he deciphered was considered to be unusual for that time frame. A story was told of a special space probe from another planet in the universe. This probe experienced complications and then crashed into the Himalayan Mountains in the BayanKara-Ula region. It told of the fact that they were peaceful, but that the tribe referred to as the “Han” that lived in the region where the Dropa landed misunderstood the tribe and even killed off some of the members.

The Dropa communicated through the means of sign language. However, the Han Tribe had no idea if they meant harm or they were peaceful. However, after some time, they came to realize that the Dropa were a peaceful tribe and intended no harm. The issue was that they were unable to repair the damages to their ship and were unable to return to their home planet. The tribe was relatively small in nature. Today, it is said that these two tribes continue to live in the region. The average heights of the tribes are between three and a half to four and a half feet tall. Their bodies weigh up to about sixty pounds. Could it be that the tribes that are in the mountain today are the ones that the Dropa Stones speak of? Perhaps we will never know…this is why the Dropa Stones continue to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world.

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