Easter Island Mysteries

The Easter Island mysteries have stumped scientists for ages. One of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries surrounds the famous statutes that are located on the island. Considered to be one of the most remote locations on Earth, this island sits in the southern area of the Pacific Ocean. The next closest island when it comes to land proximity is estimated to be an amazing 1,400 miles from Easter Island. Interestingly enough, that island is completely uninhabited by humans. It is an estimated 2,300 miles from the Chile coast. However, in the year of 1722, a Captain of Dutch origin discovered the island on Easter. At this point in time, the land - which is only 10 miles in width and 15 miles in length - was nearly uninhabited, apart from the massive stone structures for which it is known.

The statues are perhaps the main subject when it comes to Easter Island mysteries. These weigh many tons a piece and a good portion of them extend the height of 30 feet. There are numerous theories that have been played with regarding the amazing stone structures. The total count of structures that have currently been discovered on the land has reached the number of 887. However, a great number of these structures were never put in place as they were damaged in the transition from the volcano area of the land to where the upright statutes currently stand. Those that were successfully put into place are not facing the ocean as many believe, but they are facing the very center of the land.

Of course, there are many that contribute the Easter Island mysteries to aliens from another planet. This is a theory that has been expounded on for a large part of history because of the fact that the faces of the amazing statutes do not have eyes. These structures are often referred to as "Moai". The largest structure on Easter Island is called "Paro". It is believed that a spacecraft landed on the island at one point and that the aliens that were left as survivors of the craft were stranded on the island. It is believed that until they were finally discovered by the "Mother Ship" they spent their time carving the pieces. It is also believed that the statutes could have even been a means of signaling their fellow aliens.

Could it be that the statutes were created by a small tribe of Polynesian people? That could be - but there is nothing to validate this fact. It is known that there are hardly any trees on the island. Could it be that the trees were used to transport the rock structures to where they are currently located? That is possible. The fact remains, though, that the Easter Island mysteries have yet to be completely solved. Until a theory is actually validated, these immense structures will continue to be one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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