Famous Prophecies

When it comes to famous prophecies, there has never been such a wide fascination among people around the world as there is today. We believe that a large part of this new found interest in various types of prophecies is occurring due to the fact that our present world is faced with a future of uncertainty. The turbulent times are pushing people into the world, to seek answers on that which is expected to come in the future. Our world is currently experiencing many situations and events that have people everywhere wondering what is to come. Many will find an interest in ancient prophecies, while others will take an interest in prophecies issued by famous people. Still, there are those that will turn to the bible – book written thousands of long years ago – when it comes to learning about famous prophecies.

As you observe your world, it is very common to witness the political instability, the aggression among the countries, and declining morals in society. In addition to this, it is easy to observe turmoil within the governments that represent the various nations, the unrestricted content in television, movies, and music and even the astronomical rates associated with crime and terrorism. It is not at all uncommon for each of us to question where all this chaos, demoralization, and violence is heading to. There are many individuals that have had an opinion on where we are headed as a world. In this section of Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, we will be sharing various types of famous prophecies issued by civilizations, scientists, religions, and others.

Prophecy is identified as the act of foretelling what events will transpire in the future. A prophecy is a prediction that is shared with others. In most instances, the individual expressing the events that are to come are believed to have been given the information from a higher force, universal energy, or from divine based inspiration. The individual that is believed to have the power and the means to foretell future events is considered to be a prophet in all senses. Many that study prophecy have determined that there are three unique types. The first type is interpretive. The second type is divine inspiration, and the third is revelation. In all types of prophecy, the goal of the communication is to alert, warn, or advise others so that they may prepare.

When evaluating civilizations that have existed throughout the history of the world, the various religions that the world has seen, and even among those that are involved in religious based sects or occults, you will discover information pertaining to many of the famous prophecies that we have been introduced to. In two of the many religions that exist in today’s modern world, prophecy is considered to be a vital aspect of the belief system. These two main religions are Islam, as well as Christianity.

Individuals that study prophecy have found that many claims by those who announced they were familiar with the things to come have transpired. Naturally, this leads people to believe that the prophetic exclamations shared with the world have some sense of truth in them. As a result, they gain an interest in seeking more information pertaining to future events. Skeptics hold the belief that the prophecies that have transpired are nothing more than pure coincidence. Whether or not there is accuracy in the stories told regarding future events have any credibility is something that we are unable to answer at this time. Throughout this section on Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, you will be introduced to many famous prophecies that have been shared throughout history.

Identity of the Antichrist
The identity of the antichrist is considered to be one of the greatest world mysteries when it comes to the subject of prophecy.

The 2012 Doomsday Phenomenon
The fact that the ancient Mayans had insight into the future of the world in the year 2012 remains to be one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries.

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