FEMA Camps

The FEMA camps are considered to be one of the most popular of all conspiracy theories in the United States. FEMA stands for the "Federal Emergency Management Agency". FEMA was originally created in order to provide support to the citizens and the professionals identified as "First Responders" in the United States. This agency works to ensure that all individuals of the nation are properly prepared for hazards that may happen. They also work to protect citizens of the nation against these hazards. If a hazard occurs, FEMA steps in to offer a response, assist communities in recovering, and to reduce the severity of the hazard. However, those that believe that FEMA is a conspiracy theory and that there are official FEMA concentration camps have a much different view of the government agency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been identified by many as a "Secret Government". This mostly stems from the fact that it is the one governmental agency that has the most authority. In the earliest days of FEMA, it was created in an effort to ensure that the United States could survive a mass disaster such as an attack that is nuclear based. Now, the agency deals in many domestic types of disasters. These may include natural disasters such as flooding and even situations that occur during Hurricane Season. However, if it sees fit, the organization has every right to completely suspend the popular Constitution, seize property and means of transportation and other drastic measures.

Many that view FEMA as a conspiracy theory in itself claim that the individuals that work in the agency are known to fly the mysterious black helicopters that are considered to be a mystery to most. Many believe that FEMA camps or "REX 84 Camps"’ do exist within the United States of America. It is said that there are well over six hundred individual prison type camps located in the nation. These facilities are said to be completely operational. It is said that if FEMA ever has to incorporate what is called "Martial Law" in the nation that they control the facilities and will put them to use. As a matter of fact, these camps are fully powered and staffed. Originally, they were for the "Rex 84 Program". This was a program that would take those that crossed the borders illegally and detain them. Many bases that were used for military purposes were said to have been closed and transitioned into FEMA camps.

In reviewing the "List of Executive Orders" that FEMA has, it is very clear that they do have quite a bit of power. This could be why so many individuals believe that there are FEMA camps waiting to house a large number of civilians in the United States, but are unable to pinpoint what could lead to imprisonment - especially for the number of people that these FEMA concentration camps could hold. Examples of the orders state that FEMA may take over all forms of transportation, control all communication, take over all natural resources and electrical power, acquire all farms and food resources, railroads, health facilities, and other important parts of our nation. Are there FEMA camps? This is truly one of the greatest unsolved mysteries to date when it comes to conspiracy theories.

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