Klinefelter Syndrome Medical Mysteries

Klinefelter Syndrome is considered by some to be a medical mystery. We know what causes this condition, however the reason for the cause is still unknown. The definition of this syndrome is when there is an extra X chromosome in each cell. Only males are affected by this condition. This condition only affects 1 out of 500 - 1,000 newborn males. Also, among males this condition is the most common genetic condition. It has also been found that the risks of being born with this medical condition is greater from women over the age of 35 and are pregnant.

The human body contains 46 chromosomes. These chromosomes are the building blocks that make up the body and contain all genes and DNA that makes us who we are. The determination from boys and girls has to do with only two of these forty six chromosomes. These two are the X and Y chromosomes. Girls contain two of the same chromosome being XX and males are XY. Sometimes, a male will get an extra X chromosome looking like XXY. When this happens, the result is the Klinefelter Syndrome.

The majority of males do not even know that they have this condition until they reach adulthood. Depending on each individual and their ages, the symptoms or effects will vary. One area that can be affected by this medical condition is testicular growth. This means that boys who are born with this syndrome have reduced levels of the sex hormone testosterone. This low level of testosterone can lead to other conditions such as; enlarged breast tissue also known as gynecomastia, reduced facial and body hair and also a reduction in muscle growth. It has also lead to complications in learning and social issues in the early stage of childhood.

Most men that have this medical condition will never be able to father children. However, there are genetic test that can be done before the birth or during early childhood that can diagnose and even prevent this syndrome. It is important to know that what a parent does or does not do has no impact on whether a child will be born with this medical condition. There are other complications that may arise aside from some of the more common effects. During the teen age years, you might find a delay in puberty. Your bones may also become weak and osteoporosis can set in. you can also gain increased stomach fat. This increased fat can lead to other major illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Varicose veins and venous ulcers along with other blood vessel issues can be a direct result. Other conditions that can form from this problem is contracting ailments that usually only affect women such as breast cancer.

We know a lot about Klinefelter Syndrome. We know the cause, the symptoms and treatments that are available. The real medical mystery is why some males obtain the extra X chromosome in their bodies. We may never know the answers to this mystery.

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