The Mystery of the Loveland Frog

The mystery of the Loveland Frog is said to have initiated in the city of Loveland in the State of Ohio in the year of 1955.Many often refer to it as a frog while there are others that refer to it as a lizard. This mystery creature is said to have human characteristics, but a face that resembles that of a frog. Many who have claimed that they have witnessed the creature state that it stands approximately four to just a little over four feet in height. The skin of the creature has been described as both "green in color" and "leathery". Witnesses state that while it walks in an upright position, the hands as well as the feet appear to be webbed.

In the month of May in the year of 1955, a professional man in business observed this strange creature underneath a bridge located near the city of Loveland. The strange thing about the situation was that there were several more of these creatures alongside the first Loveland frog that was observed. When he saw the creatures, one of them held up a device that looked like a bar. When he did, sparks were emitted from it. Individuals in the area reported smelling the unusual combination of both almonds and natural alfalfa immediately following the witness accounts of the creatures.

Once the witness accounts were issued in the year of 1955, no other reports were issued on the subject until the month of March in the year of 1972. Local law enforcement officers apparently observed the creature hop right over a rail and into the body of water referred to as the "Little Miami River". Reports were made, but no further observation occurred for a two week period. A police officer observed the strange frog in a road that he was patrolling at the time. He made an attempt to kill it with his duty weapon, but was unsuccessful. Later, in the same month, a local and reputable farmer observed the Loveland frog.

Many accounts have been made surrounding this unusual creature. The sightings have often been rationalized as being a pet that grew too large and was allowed out into the wild for its survival. Many claim that it could potentially be an extraterrestrial being. There are many that believe that no such observations were made at all. Despite whether or not the human like frog is actually out there remains to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the area of cryptozoology.

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